The Way of the Christian Samurai will be free on Amazon’s Kindle store on April 12 -13 as a limited time special offer. Users without a Kindle will be able to read the book on their mobile devices, computer, or web browser with Amazon’s free Kindle Reader App.

Christians are called to be servants and warriors, but in our time such concepts are vague and distant. In The Way of the Christian Samurai, author Paul Nowak uses the writings of the legendary Japanese warriors to counsel Christians. The samurai, whose title means “one who serves” pursued ideals of self-sacrifice and resolve to radical degrees, and some of their lessons can be a wake-up call to modern Christians who serve a loving, perfect master in Jesus Christ.

Over the past few years, The Way of the Christian Samurai has been praised by pastors, Christian martial artists, and book reviewers for its thought-provoking insights and scriptural integrity.

Paul Nowak is available as a speaker for church groups, dojos, and clubs. His full-time ministry is Eternal Revolution, which also produces Christian T-shirts and books, in addition to The Way of the Christian Samurai. More information can be found at

The Way of the Christian Samurai is also available in printed form (ISBN 0977223469) from major book distributors and retailers. It is also available from the Eternal Revolution shop at

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