We heard his first single “Jesus” and we fell in love with him, now he is giving out the first part of his album for free. Do you want your copy? Visit his website to get your own copy.



The thing about getting to know Freddy Washington is that you immediately want to share him with other people.


Freddy’s unique brand of emotional, thought-provoking, Christian music is the sort of music that pulls you in immediately, and listening to it isn’t much different from having Freddy sitting in your living room and telling you what’s on his mind.

A native of New Jersey, Freddy has had a heart for service from a young age. In fact, it was serving in his father’s music ministry that inspired him to venture into the music realm himself. Although he’s currently standing on his musical debut, he’s no stranger to the music industry. He garnered Grammy, Stellar and Dove Award nominations for production with artists Da’Truth and Gospel newcomer Melinda Watts. His musical blend is a beautiful reflection of his influences, legendary musicians like Andrae Crouch, Phil Collins, Kirk Franklin, Bruce Hornsby and Michael W. Smith. While traveling internationally as a sought out preacher and musical clinician, he achieved immense success as a writer and producer.

Freddy has a passion for leading Christians in worship and after years of being faithful to his parents ministry and while writing and producing for others, he knew it was time to create something that reflected this burning desire. What he’s created is The Jesus Record, a full-length double disc album that makes the most of what he’s learned and turned it into something that resonates with the sound of Freddy’s heart for God. When asked why he created The Jesus Record with such intentional focus, Freddy says reverently “It’s about the perfect love, peace and hope that is the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s the greatest story of redemption and salvation that the world will ever know.”


Although Freddy wrote and produced his debut in its entirety, some of gospel music’s notable artists have collaborated with Freddy on The Jesus Record. Melinda Watts, singer-songwriter and friend joins Washington on the  ballad “Masters Hand” as does the young Gospel powerhouse, Crystal Rucker on the beautifully penned “There is a Place.” In a very special track, Freddy is joined by his father, legendary gospel pianist, writer and soloist Bishop Freddy Washington Sr. on a cleverly arranged cover of William Hubbard’s timeless classic “I love You.”


Freddy is an artist with a truly fresh sound delivering an ancient message of hope and redemption. He has a deep passion to see Christians grow closer to the Lord by singing songs that are rich in theological depth and saturated with Gods presence. He’s traveled throughout the United States, Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria and the British West Indies leading Christians in worship. Freddy’s music has an incredibly broad appeal and has put him on the map as a strong new voice in Christian music. His debut single “Jesus” has touched so many since it’s April 2011 release and is still reaching the masses with the message of a Holy God who sent his Son to rescue us from our sin.

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