Artist – Francesca Battistelli
Album – Hundred More Years
Label – Fervent records
Street Date – March 1, 2011
Album Length – 11 tracks. 37 Minutes, 15 Seconds.
Genre – Pop/ Folk Pop
IPod Pick – Emily (It’s Love)

After three years of so much change, a marriage, a baby and moving on into a whole new life. Franny ( Best Female Vocalist, Dove Awards 2010) comes back with something that deals a lot about change in a fun and yet Inspiring way. ‘I lost my keys in the great unknown. And call me please cause I can’t find my phone . . . this is the stuff that drives me crazy . . . in the middle of my littleness I forget how big I’m blessed . . . it might not be what I’ll chose but this is the stuff You use’ she sings on the folk tune patterned after the likes of her contemporaries such as Colbie Caillat, Sara Barrielles and Matt Wertz titled ‘This is the stuff’. Sure a good and fun way to start off the album.

The album centers on theme such as starting over again (Good To Know), the adventures of marriage (Hundred More Years, So Long, Worth It), God’s love (Motion of Mercy, You Never Are, Constant, Good To Know), Transformation (This Is The Stuff, Emily (It’s Love)), and living for others (Angel by Your Side, Worth It). On this one we won’t be seeing Miss battistelli doing various genres like Gospel, RnB and so on as we saw on her debut. This one is more consistent in genre and Francesca’s voice still shines through. And like her debut, this might get to grow on you over time. Every listen prompts for another. Personally, I love what she does with her voice on ‘Don’t Miss It’, a wakeup call song that follows in the same vein as ‘It’s Your Life’ (which was on her debut) calling people to get up and live life to the fullest. On ‘Worth It’ she sings ‘Love’s not a feeling. . . . Love’s not easy but it’s worth it.’

One might be bothered of the simplicity and contemporary feel of this album but it’s time we wake up to the generation and times we are in. This isn’t your mama’s Gospel album anymore though the message hasn’t changed a bit. Let’s embrace this new offering of a gospel in a new way by Miss Battistelli. This one would be in your Music Player for a very long time. Who knows maybe a ‘Hundred More Years’ 😀

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  1. A friend recommended this album. I love her to bits. “Worth It” is one of my faves too…well, i kinda like all her songs in that album.

    nice review. Cheers!!

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