Fizzikal is out with a brand new song and this time he features Sam Jamz and Gameman. Check it out below


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Born Charles Dogo (FIZZIKAL) in the ever-vibrant city of Lagos, Fizzikal started listening to rap music at a tender age but pretty much had no clue he’d be an emcee later in life. He started off nodding his head to Eminem’s lines assuming people couldn’t keep it real and “gospel” at the same time until he came across the legendary Cross Movement. Obviously falling in love with what he heard, he embarked on a journey to discover more acts in the genre. A journey that led him to discover his greatest influences, Lecrae, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Shai Linne and Jahaziel amongst others. He has recently shared a stage with the likes of Da’ T.R.U.T.H, The Ambassador, Jahaziel, Sean Simmonds, BOUQUI, Rooftop MCs, NUTTY JOSH & Many others at the MoveTour Nigeria. At the moment he hangs with the Christian Rap group Soul Flame and is working on his debut mixtape. He has several singles in circulation at the moment. You can catch up with him on twitter @itsfizzikal & also facebook

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