The producer of the movies Fireproof and Courageous visited the set this week of Beyond the Mask, a new Christian action movie filming outside of Detroit. From Sept 30 to Oct 2, Stephen Kendrick, with his son Grant, encouraged the cast and crew of Beyond the Mask, during the half-way point of production. Sharing his heart and trademark humor through personal one-on-one talks and group Bible study, Stephen reminded the crew to honor God through their attitudes and efforts throughout the production. “It always inspires me to see the level of quality that can come from a united team of hard-working young people who love one another and who are willing to pray through their decisions,” Kendrick explains.

Stephen Kendrick is best known as producer of the wildly successful Fireproof and Courageous films, which combined have grossed over $65 million at the box office. He has also authored the New York Times bestselling books, The Love Dare and The Resolution for Men, with his brother Alex Kendrick. Stephen credits the brothers’ success to the Lord’s grace and blessing over their “five loaves and two fish” efforts throughout each project.

Stephen comments of Beyond the Mask:
“After reading the script for Beyond the Mask and spending time learning more about the vision, faith, and commitment of Chad and Aaron Burns, I am really looking forward to seeing this movie and believe that the future is bright for these creative, young, Christian film-makers. They have demonstrated that they are devoted to Christ, walk in humility, pray through their decisions, are committed to good stewardship of their resources, and can carry a project to completion. I have high hopes for them and this movie!”

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