Hi there ladies and gentlemen. I have decided to bring a lil’ something new to the table. I want to create articles titled Fashionistas (female) or Fashionistos (male), showcasing people who definitely have STYLE!

The first person is Precious Omolara. She has been featured on this website before in an interview about her clothing line, Precious Attires. Check out the Interviews column.

Precious’ style is very different from the norm. As you can see from the photographs, her style is unique, and still classy. Loads more can be said can do with accessories, and other clothing items, and putting them together nicely, that brings out different looks, e.g. casual, sporty, sophisticated, ‘chique’, etc. She definitely deserves to be an ‘honouree’ in this Fashion column. Words can only do so much, so view the photos below.

By Rotimi Ariwoola


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