Female-focused streetwear brand hits a home run with joint launch

After months of anticipation, female-focused streetwear brand SEV*NFOLD has launched its website alongside the first three designs from its debut T-shirt collection, HomeSweetHome. This London-based brand is clocking international interest and though streetwear may traditionally be a boy’s club, SEV*NFOLD has already started rocking the boat.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and with its ethos of ‘Ambition, Attitude and Art’, SEV*NFOLD is bringing a new dimension to UK streetwear. “Whatever you think it is about, SEV*NFOLD is not about ‘empowering women’ – I hate that term! We’re powerful in our own right,” asserts founder and creative director, Jendella. “SEV*NFOLD is an extension of a mentality that’s bold, bright and in your face; visually powerful and mentally provocative clothing for the confident and self-aware.”

The first offerings for Spring/Summer 2012 are three bold T-shirts made from high quality ethically sourced cotton. The collection is inspired by the bright colours and patterns of West Africa mixed with the attitude and style of cosmopolitan Britain.

“We released the sample collection earlier this year and the response so far has been really exciting, we’re in talks with stockists and boutiques so hopefully HomeSweetHome should be available elsewhere soon,” says Jendella.

HomeSweetHome is available online through the SEV*NFOLD website.






For more information, contact Sev*nfold:

Email: info@sev-nfold.com

Website: www.sev-nfold.com

Twitter: @Sev_nfold


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