Most of us tend to fantasise a lot and then get lost in them, but at the end of the day, they are not real; they are merely thoughts (not disregarding the power of thoughts). I tend to fantasise about how I would want a situation to be like, or just my life in a few years but it is COMPULSORY that actions are taken in order to bring these fantasies into reality.
This has become a cliché or it is starting too, but at the end of the day, this is an important aspect of my walk with God and with yours if you are a believer.

I remember a passage in the bible talking about Faith with Action and how the two must work together, but for some reason I always used to complicate the passage; making it seem like it was to be used for just only major issues or endeavours. The passage applies to everything we do, and it can only be carried out with some sort of vision. For example I study Business Economics, and apart from having work experience, another major benefit is being “street wise”; in the sense of having the skills to apply all knowledge gained from academics to real life situations. So even though I have some work experience, because I want to get “up there” in the business world, I have started watching programmes like The Apprentice and stuff to view how the people that I sort of aspire to be, work, and how they apply strategy to tasks and situations.

Back to what I was saying. So in the midst of my fantasies and stuff, I tend to get displeased with myself; knowing I am not exactly where I want to be. This happens although I can’t exactly be where I want to be because for example, I am still in University, lol. So fantasies kind of mess with you in a negative way. This also leads to being ungrateful and not living for the present. There are things we should focus on in the present in order to accomplish some things right? And if your mind is somewhere else, how would they get accomplished? Like for example, in preparations for exams, you have to be reading before they commence and if you’re busy fantasising, you are likely to not put in your all into your reading/action.

This reminds me of another scripture that says that whatever we do should be done like we are doing it for God. So whatever we do, let’s keep it in mind that we are to do it well according to the strength installed in us by Christ and according to God’s vision for our life. That is another thing; we should remember that God’s plan for our life is so mighty that our minds can not even picture it, so tune into the Spirit and be led by the trusted One and accomplish your purpose. Fantasising is cool, but there is work to be done to accomplish them.

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