In the second part of our faith and fashion series we feature Precious, and up and coming designer of the line Precious Attires. Yada Fashion editor, Rotimi Ariwoola had a chat with her and this is the exclusive interview.

YADA: Hello! Can you give us a brief introduction of yourself, your background and what you do?

Precious: Hi, I’m Precious, a 21 year old Christian fashion student and freelance fashion designer. I’m of Nigerian heritage which to me is an important part of who I am, influencing my designing style.

YADA: So can you tell us more about your life with Christ and how it all started?

Precious: Well, I grew up with knowledge of what Christianity was and from a young age, I didn’t really have much options but HAD to go to Church whether I liked it or not (laughs)! But it got to a point in my early teens where I started to find it boring and it just became a routine, dreading Sunday mornings. At this same time, we moved area so moved Church, where I became more involved and felt like I could relate more to the young Christians at this church which made me realise in fact, its not all boring. That’s when I gave my life to Christ out of MY choice and not of fear of my mum and grandma (laughs). For the 7 years I’ve been born again, it hasn’t been easy. But it’s an incredibly exciting journey where my reliance on God makes my life and future worthwhile.

YADA: So tell us about Precious Attire

Precious: Precious attire is my clothing line which is a fusion of African clothing styles and western trends, creating the ‘Afro’Western’ style. It is the influence of my cultures, being of Nigerian heritage but growing up in the UK. It almost happened by accident where I began making clothes for myself and people recognising the uniqueness of the garments, and requesting clothing for themselves or for fashion shows. So I guess it was in God’s plan because I never had an intense plan of having a clothing line. I try to design clothes which are unique and trendy and cultural all in one. It creates clothes for young girls who wish to wear in-trend garments, however still represent their African culture

YADA: So the main inspirations are the African culture, current trends and uniqueness?

Precious: Mainly. I have made clothes which do not include African clothes however they don’t look as different and as interesting. They just look like shop bought clothes which I don’t like.  That’s the reason why I began making my own clothes in the first place so they stand out and are different. Nothing wrong with shop bought clothes though.

YADA: So being unique and not too simple is important to your styling?

Precious: Definitely! From a young age, I’ve always thought it was important to express myself through clothing and not wear what everybody else is wearing, and having gone to a non-uniform school, there was always pressure to look good and stand out from everyone else, everyday! So I guess that stuck with me and became a part of my style. Not too simplistic.

YADA: So what fashions shows or similar occasions have your designs and clothing line featured in?

Precious: My clothing has showcased at various University events (which I have seen myself); Charity fashion shows, fashions shows which have occurred during London Fashion week to name a few. I’ve also hard artists ask for garments to wear for their shows and music videos.

YADA: Wow that’s very good. So now you have mentioned what Precious Attire is all about, and have touched upon your reason for starting it, what is your overall vision for the line?

Precious: in the future I’d love to see my clothes as a concession on say I’d love to see my garments on such a well known fashionable site. Also I may start doing menswear. I don’t want to be cliché and say I want to be the next Vivienne Westwood or Marc Jacobs or the next someone else or as big as this person. I just want to see how far it takes me and how successful it becomes. Although I definitely want to have my own boutique at some point in my life.

YADA: What other related things are you involved in right now?

Precious: Well I’m currently in the process of doing various fashion work placements. Just to give me detailed insight into the career direction I want to go into. So I’m trying to do as many different things to gain experience and an understanding of the industry.

YADA: Now lastly, what current trends are you feeling now for yourself and even for us guys?

Precious: a trend I like at the moment is the aviator jacket for autumn. I like the way they make an outfit look super cool and can go with anything.

YADA: I have noticed them, but they haven’t struck my eye. But now that you have mentioned it, I might look into getting one actually. Anyway thank you precious for your time.

Precious: Definitely. Guys should get one too. They’re hot! (laughs) Thank you.

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