Music is a very essential aspect of life. It can be applied to almost anything and everything around us. It’s quite sad a lot don’t actually understand how powerful this tool called “MUSIC” is. Very often its usage is misused.

Before I go ahead, let’s understand the origin of music; its original use, its kind, style (genre), etc. If you believe in God Almighty, the creator of the whole universe, then you should believe that this same God created music. We all should know that everything God created, including we humans, have a purpose to serve.

Music comprises of different genres ranging from pop, soul, jazz, rock, country, punk, R n B, hip hop, salsa, techno, classical, reggae, afro-beats, etc. It might shock you to know that “gospel” is not a genre of music in any way. Yeah, I know a lot are already getting me misunderstood. Please let me land before you crucify me! (*Laughs*).

First of all, we know God Almighty created music, and from the scriptures, music was (still is) used for various purposes/occasions such as birthdays, weddings, to praise God, to appreciate people, to express oneself, or simply just for entertainment. But have this in mind, that in all things, the music MUST be POSITIVE! What do I mean by positive? I mean it can be listened to by everyone (including children), and it doesn’t contain garbage like 95% of the music in our world today getting air plays… just being REAL.

Now back to the origin of music. We remember that Lucifer (now Satan, the devil) was once an angel in Heaven who was in charge of other angels, and most importantly, in charge of MUSIC! He was so good at music and he was beautiful, more beautiful than other angels. I guess he was full of himself and wanted to dethrone God Almighty. As a result of his pride (which is evil), God cast him down out of Heaven with other angels whom he badly influenced to take over Heaven from God. Those angels are now demons (Rev 12:7-9, Matt 25:41). I guess you know the whole story (that’s if you ever attended Sunday school as a kid). For the benefit of doubt, you can look up these scriptures: Isa 14:12-19, Ezek 28:13-19. Now, this fall of Lucifer is responsible for the kind of garbage music we hear today. The devil and his angels (demons) are really at work! He’s now using this tool called MUSIC which he mastered while in Heaven to get back at God and destroy humanity (the
very image of God he desired), but the gates of hell shall not and will never prevail… AMEN!

Today, music filled with garbage is now regarded as the main or original kind of music, and the very few, actual original kind of music, especially the kind used to praise God and give him glory which we call “gospel”, is now regarded as sub-standard. I guess am about to touch down now, please just bear with me.

Through out this write-up, I will be referring to the so called “SECULAR” music as CONFUSED MUSIC, and the so called “GOSPEL” music, inspirational, or any other kind of POSITIVE music as REAL MUSIC. You might be wondering what am up to… you’ll know soon. (*winks*).

…to be continued.

About the author: Onyedika Nwoji (better known as DIKKY) is a hip hop artist, music producer, songwriter who is in his very early 20’s. He’s also a co-founder/member of a hip hop movement by the name, CIA (Christ I Abide). He loves Jesus both by profession and expression.

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  1. Nice one, brother. Here’s a little food for thought for my fellow “gospel” artistes. The aim of the world is to stereotype our music. They categorise it as gospel music to limit our audience. Sadly, we support their patronizing actions and are proud to be called “gospel” because we claim we are “keeping it real”. Maybe, just maybe we are unconsciously limiting our reach. We want the gospel to go round all the world, right? Then is it not counter-productive to brand it in such a way that 99 percent of our target audience will not attempt to listen to it. Maybe we should start making secular music with gospel themes. Let’s creatively embed gospel messages, paradigms, ideologies in secular songs and push them out into the market. Please tell me what you guys think about this. I’d really love to get some feedback. God bless. Jesus is Lord.

  2. Got a conscious inspiration while reading. The soul purpose for creating music was to praise God. God shuld b d receiver of all music made. Anything other than this is abusing d reason and purpose of music

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