Hello everyone. We at Yada are super excited to present to you our first interview of 2012. We got a chance to talk to V.Rose, a talented singer and songwriter who was signed to Flame’s record label; Clearsight Music. We first heard her when she was featured on the Flame track “Surrender”. Now she has a chart topping album and has toured the world. Harry Itie got a chance to chat with the amazing singer. Enjoy



YADA: Your debut album was released a few months back. How has the response being so far?

It’s been great! I’ve been touring with my label Clear Sight Music sharing the gospel with all different types of people and it’s been so cool to meet some of the people who listen to and love my music.

YADA: What inspired the recording of the album?

There are various factors within my life that inspired each song on the album.  It’s hard to talk about each thing individually, as so much was involved.

YADA: How did you get to meet Flame?

This has to be the most asked question that I get (laughs) Flame was touring and came to my hometown Sacramento, California, and I was there closing out the night with a song during the alter call (Cry Holy) and Flame heard me and got in touch with my manager.


YADA: How has your life changed since the release of the album?

WOW, how hasn’t it changed, I’ve been on the road almost non-stop going city to city sharing my music, and I’ve even been to several different countries that I’ve never been to before so it’s been an amazing journey so far.

YADA: What is your creative process like?

I am very sensitive to my environment. For instance, the weather or the lighting in the room, and especially the people that I work with, all play a big part in my creative process. Aside from all of that, my writing and production process is extremely organic. I can go from sitting down at the piano with my producer to being alone in a room with my guitar or at the park with an iPod.  It just depends on how I’m feeling that day for that song.

YADA: Can you talk to us about the single “Not so Average”

I wrote this song after talking to a young 8-year old girl who I was mentoring. She was having a tough time trying to fit in at school wanting to be like every other girl. I explained to her that God made her different and beautiful and that if she would except that and look to Him for acceptance, that she would never be let down again. The song talks about not caring what people think of you and it encourages you to let Jesus live inside of you so that you can truly shine.


YADA: Which artist(s) inspires your sound?

I loved to listen to Virtue and Out of Eden growing up.

YADA: What non-music projects are you involved in?

Due to my album’s recent release, I have solely been on the road but I’m always an open ear for girls on my Facebook and twitter who need prayer or advice.

YADA: Is there a tour coming soon? Maybe a visit to Nigeria?

There may be a tour coming soon. Please check out clearsightmusic.com for info. And as for Nigeria, I would love to come!

YADA: Final word for our readers

I love you even though I may not know you. Jesus loves you and please look me up on twitter @vrosemusic or facebook.com/vrosemusic I would love to meet you!



Current songs on your playlist

“My Purpose” by Spensha Baker

“Tonight” by Flame

“The Passion” by Spec

Last movie you saw

Sherlock Homes 2

Last book you read

Screw Tape letters by C.S Lewis

TV series you watching now

Master Chef



Favourite pastime

Playing my guitar



  1. nice one Yadamag! love ‘not so average’…she’s really good! great! (btw, its 2012 ba? pls review the first few lines of this article…thanks 🙂 )

  2. I am so proud of her! She and her brother were students of mine in the sixth grade and I remember her wanting to be a singer back then.

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