Before he was a 2004 Stellar Awards National Star Search winner, Micah Stampley had been a musical prodigy. Astonishingly, since the age of seven, Micah’s Christian/gospel music has been steeped in the most empowering aspects of God’s Word. Today Micah continues to proclaim the Good News, touching hearts and reaching all the way to heaven with his bass-to-first soprano vocal range and on-point, Biblically based lyrics. Harry Itie got a chance to interview the singer on his music, his new albums and plans for the future. Enjoy


YADA: It has been a busy year for you as you have been busy with a number of projects. How has the process being for you?

MICAH: You are right, things have busy, but the process has been quite exciting. I’m doing things that I haven’t done before and working with people that I haven’t had a chance to work with before. The process has been very tiring, but liberating at the same time.



YADA: Can you tell us about the new record?

MICAH: The new album is entitled “One Voice”. It is a global sound that crosses religious and cultural barriers and goes to the heart of every listener, touching every single person in a different way. I am extremely excited about this project and I believe that it is by far my best work to date.


YADA: What are the challenges that you face while making a record?

MICAH: Well, I cannot really get into much of this but I will say that I had many in-house challenges throughout the entire process. The most difficult thing for any person to deal with is having individuals who have not synchronized themselves to the heartbeat of the person presenting the message of Christ. Without that important piece of the puzzle you’ll always be faced with competing with the “cookie-cutter” syndrome.



YADA: What is your creative process like?

MICAH: so many things and people inspire me. My relationship with God creates through me; wife inspires me, my children, life’s challenges and more. Therefore, there is not just one thing that causes my creative juices to flow; it comes from different environments and situations.


 YADA: Gospel artists are gaining mainstream recognition. What do you have to say about this?

MICAH: I think it is awesome! However, I would like to see us gain those mainstream platforms without the tag attached to it that says “I Compromised to Get Here”.



 YADA: Has there been a downtime in your career? How did you get over it?

MICAH: Like many other artist, I have had those downtime moments as well. The only thing that brought me through them was my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I always put God in remembrance of His own word and remind Him that I made a promise to Him to give my whole life to Him and in return, He has promised to take care of my household and me. He always came through for us; no matter what the trial. He is not obligated to meet my need…But He’s obligated to fulfill His word. Therefore, if we don’t have the word of God in us we won’t have any substance to pull from in the time of need.


YADA: Which of your songs would you say is very personal to you and why?

MICAH: I would have to say “Take My Life/Holiness”. Even though I did not write that song, I have taken it as a part of my personal heart-cry unto the Lord. All I want to do is please God and that song is my prayer to become more like my Father. It is my greatest desire!


YADA: What non-musical projects are you involved in?

MICAH: Back in the mid 90’s I was very involved in modeling and acting. I was young and easily influenced, so God did not allow me to get anywhere with those desires. Now that I have a strong foundation, I am settled and much more mature to handle these outside influences those doors have reopened for me. I am currently pursuing acting and modeling again and I am excited about what’s ahead for me.



YADA: When do you plan to visit Nigeria again?

MICAH: It seems that I will be back in Nigeria in December for “The Experience”. That is going to be totally awesome!


YADA: A final word for our readers.

MICAH: My final word to the readers is “Pursue God with all your heart, soul and might”. He is an awesome God and loves you very much. I desperately want all of you to experience Him in a very real and special way. If you ask Him to come into your heart, he will do it and I guarantee your life will never be the same.




Songs on your playlist now- Mali Music

Last movie you just saw- Planet of the Apes

Last Book you read- “Ancient Portals of Heaven” By: David Herzog

Guilty pleasure- Ice Cream

Favorite pastime- Hanging out with my children

Favorite Bible verse- Philippians 2:5 “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, Who, being the form of God considered it not to be equal with God”.


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