Inspirational singer and BET Music Matters artist, Mali Music is not just your regular inspirational singer. He is also a songwriter and producer whose message is that of hope, healing and the love of Jesus Christ.  Having already established a reputation as a stellar storyteller and dynamic performer within the Christian / gospel community and the larger music scene, MALI MUSIC has legions of fans worldwide who have shared their passion for his musical ministry.  His songs, including the powerful hit single, “The Job Experience,” and “Give Me” with Kirk Franklin from Franklin’s latest album, Hello Fear, have garnered millions of combined views on YouTube and MySpace.  In this interview with Harry Itie, he talks about his music, his work with Akon and what the future holds. Read it all here


YADA: Can you talk to us briefly about “The Name” and “Walk on Water”

MALI MUSIC: Yes.  “The Name” and “Walk on Water” are singles which will be on my next album “Mali Is.” They both are an absolute Blessing! “Walk on Water” is definitely about Life and Faith! You need it to live this life fully and when you are doing it right, its like Walking on Water!! Crazy!  “The Name” is just me reintroducing the power of calling and knowing the name of Jesus to my generation. They understood it before us, but if we grab a hold to it, we’ll be unstoppable! So I just share my little testimony or experience in my own way on this song to try and make it salty again! (laughs)


YADA: Your music ministry has gone through amazing changes this past year. How has that affected you as a person?

MALI MUSIC: It has affected me greatly! Definitely to the better, but there were times when it did not feel like it.  I’ve experienced hurt, loneliness, betrayal, transition, peace, and victory all in the same SEASON!!! That will grow you up quickly but it has prepared me for what is coming and it has affected my music a great deal! Cannot wait to share!



 YADA: Still on the changes, you recently got signed by Akon. That is huge! Tell us how that came about

MALI MUSIC: Yes, I am so glad and am very excited about this relationship with Akon! He’s an amazing guy and very, very cool people. My management (Soundwalk Music Group and Releve Entertainment) have partnered with Akon to help push me and my music forward! So Akon is a consultant on my management team.  He is also a really good friend. It all happened after the “BET Awards” performance.  Life took a crazy change after that performance.  I am so glad I had that opportunity.  It has opened and is continuing to open many MANY major doors! And I like open doors! (laughs)


YADA: How would you describe your sound?

MALI MUSIC: I would say my sound is… Nice? (laughs)! I don’t how to categorize it, but it’s definitely refreshing and its ALL the way ME! I Love that God has entrusted me with it.  I am honored.



YADA: Describe your creative process.

MALI MUSIC: Sacred. No one living has seen it.  Everybody even my family may hear it from time to time, if I’m screaming. But it’s really, really private. When I’m done, I want the WHOLE WORLD to hear it! I am very particular to detail and essence so I love creating.  I find a lot of myself in it..


YADA: Who were your musical influences growing up?

MALI MUSIC: Michael Jackson, Prince, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, D’Angelo, and Bilal.


YADA: I was watching “Blessed and Cursed” the other day (laughs) and your acting was impressive. Are we going to be seeing you take on more acting roles soon?

MALI MUSIC: Oh YES! I like acting, its fun and I am a movie head, HEAVY! So, I like telling and portraying stories whether it’s mine or not.


YADA: Are you planning an international tour soon? Probably a visit to Nigeria

MALI MUSIC: Oh YES! I would love that! I am headed to Kuwait and Tobago this month.  Hoping it continues and increases.


YADA: A final word for our readers

MALI MUSIC: I just want to thank all those who keep me lifted in prayer, and those who are aware of the climate shifts.  Stay encouraged and watch what the Lord is doing.




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Here is the link for Mali Music’s two current singles, “The Name” and “Walk On Water.”

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  1. You know this is my future husband right? right? lol. I love Mali Music, i ‘found’ him only a couple of months and i absolutely love his music! Excited about the deal and can’t wait for the new album

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