Freddy Washington is certainly an accomplished musician, and an anointed songwriter, arranger, singer, record producer, and instructor. Freddy has touched many with his ministry. His music has set a standard for quality production in the Philadelphia area and abroad. He has traveled throughout the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the British West Indies and many more reaching many with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song. He has worked with some of today’s hottest new gospel and contemopary christian artists such as Melinda Watts, Da’ Truth, Tye Tribbett, Kirk Franklin, Benita Farmer and Jonathen Nelson. Though Freddy has written and produced many different styles of christian music, he has a sound that is always distinct. As an artist Freddy is committed to making music that glorifies the Lord. He has dedicated his life to leading God’s people in worship. Read his interview here.



Sometimes as a writer, you feel very involved in the writing process. You work tirelessly on a song to get it just right. You fiddle with it day after day until you feel that it is the best it can be. That was not the case with the song “Jesus”.  With “Jesus”, I felt less like a writer and more like an archeologist discovering some ancient relic. You see, there are some songs that feel like they are already written and you are just the one privileged to find them. That is how I feel about this single. I have uncovered a new song with the ancient message of salvation to all who put their faith in Christ and I am just another one of the millions singing of this truth. The response to “Jesus” has really taken me by surprise. It has been so widely received by people of all ages, ethnicities, and even denominations. It has been amazing to watch Christ being glorified in this unique way. I am extremely grateful.




The transition from worship Minister to artist has been an exciting challenge. The music industry is a very fast pace environment and with the entrance of social media it seems to have only gotten faster. It calls for a great deal of patience, prayer, and discipline. It is not always easy but honestly, I am really quite thrilled to have another avenue to promote the Lord Jesus that I welcome this new responsibility.





I have many influences but I think that my style is a product of a few of the things that I listened too more heavily. I grew up on 80’s pop music. I listened to people like Phil Collins and Peter Catera. I also fell in love with 90’s gospel and Christian music. I love Kirk Franklin, Michael W Smith and Hezekiah Walker.  I think that what I do may be a combination of all of them. Honestly, sometimes it is even hard for me to tell. I just love music and make what moves me.




The creative process for me is always different but it generally starts with a great song. I do not believe you can always plan inspiration, so when it comes, it comes and you have to just go with it. Once the song is written it is time to produce. The production should always serve the song. Production does not just bring a great song to life but it also preserves the life that the song already has.




One major challenge for artists right now is selling records. Sales are down considerably. This is a problem for many artists who have to make a living. I know many people who have left the music business because of this. I am seeing a different mindset, though, amongst Gospel and Christian artists. They have stood committed to their calling. It is beautiful because we are not just bringing music but we are bringing the only true message of hope that the world has and that is the Good news of Christ and Him crucified. An elderly preacher told me often,” Freddy, preach when they pay you. Preach when they do not pay you. Preach if you have to pay them. Their souls are at stake.”




I am an ordained elder of my church so I am very involved in preaching the word and leading Gods people. I am also very active in the community though church outreach programs. I am also an amateur political analyst, or at least I would like to think so. I follow politics quite heavily.




I do not have plans to come overseas yet but I can’t wait to worship with the believers around the world. I absolutely cannot wait to worship our savior with my Nigerian brothers and sisters. What a great time that will be.




I urge all of you to persevere in the service of the Lord. Our God is faithful. I also want to encourage everyone to follow me on twitter for more updates on my upcoming project “The Jesus Record”. In addition, I’m releasing a new single on September 20th entitled “We Are The City”. It will be available on iTunes and Amazon.



Current songs on your playlist– 

“Glory of Love” Peter Cetera, “Holy God” Brian Doerksen, “Pure Bride” Leeland

Last movie you just saw 


Chill out spot

The New Jersey countryside

Apple juice or Soda

Always water

Favourite Bible Verse

Romans 8:1

Guilty pleasure

Friends” and “Seinfeld” DVD’s (@fredwah)

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