The Advice formed in early 2003, but didn’t make their national introduction to the music world until 2010, with the independent release of their single “Your Love Sets Me Free”. They received airplay around the United States on stations like the Air 1 Network; Love 89 in Knoxville, TN; KADI 99 HIT FM in Springfield, MO; The Fish in Cleveland, OH, and many others. The band is kicking off 2011 with a brand new record deal with InPop Records (Newsboys, Superchick, Jimmy Needham, NEWWORLDSON). Harry Itie got a chance to interview this awesome band. Enjoy

YADA: “Your love sets me free” is an awesome song. What inspired it?

Well thanks! Jeff brought the chorus of “Your Love Sets me Free” to the band one night at practice and we all fell in love with it and knew there was something special there. The inspiration of the song comes from how our lives were changed when we started living our lives for Christ and realizing how important our relationship with Him really is and not caring what other people thought or needing their approval like we often do in our worldly relationships. We knew it was right from the moment we allowed Him to come in and change our lives.


YADA: How has the journey been from the release of that song till now?

It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of hard work! A little over a year ago we were a relatively unknown independent band practicing in our basement in Possum Kingdom, South Carolina just trying to get our music heard, so the fact that our music is now being played all over the world is a huge blessing to us and kind of surreal at the same time!



YADA: Talk to us about the new record deal with INPOP Records?

You know, it’s just awesome to be a part of the label with so many artists that we’ve admired for so long such as NewsBoys, Jimmy Needham, Mat Kearney, and Superchick. Inpop has been very helpful in guiding our career as a new artist and always having our best interest in mind. They’ve put us in the studio with some of the best writers and producers in the industry and we’re just honoured to be a part of it.


YADA: Can you describe your creative process?

It’s not really a science for us or even the same every time. Someone usually comes in with a general idea for a song or they have a cool groove, and we all start jamming on it and start throwing our ideas in and before we know it, we have a song! We have had times where we finish a song from start to finish in just a few minutes, and other times where a song sits unfinished for months until something inspires us and we come up with the final pieces to the puzzle.



YADA: How do you guys bring your different personalities into your music to form one unique sound?

I think a big part of our unique sound comes from the fact that we all write and we all play our own instruments. When a new song comes to the band, we just jam on it and every person writes their own parts to each song. As I said earlier, we all throw our ideas in, but in the end, each person has their own unique part that they contribute to the sound.


YADA: Which artists inspire you guys individually and as a group?

For me, Russ Lee (of NewSong), John Mayer, and Edwin McCain played a big part in the shaping of my vocal styling’s and my musical background. For Jared it’s The Allman Brothers and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Aaron takes a lot of his inspiration from Gabe Dixon and Herbie Hancock. Jeff’s biggest influence comes from the classic Motown sounds of The Temptations, Jackson 5, and Smokie Robinson. Sanchez’s personal sound has been inspired by Israel and New Breed, and J.D. Blair. For the band as a whole, I would say that Maroon 5, John Mayer, and a lot of the Motown and Southern Rock classics have played a big part in creating our sound.



YADA: What music should we expect and when should we expect it?

Well, you can expect a lot more rock-n-soul from us! We’ve been writing a lot and are really excited about the way the new music is turning out. There’s not a set release date for our full length album, but it should be out sometime before summer 2012, but for now, you can pick up our self titled EP on iTunes!


YADA: What non-musical projects are you guys involved in?

Outside of The Advice there’s not a lot of time for anything else. We do have our hobbies that we like to do in the spare time, but that time is very rare.



YADA: Any tours coming up soon?

We are actually on tour right now! We’re on the road with Rush of Fools and Jimmy Needham touring the South-East and Mid-West in the U.S.


YADA: A final word for our readers

We just want to thank everyone for listening to our music and supporting our ministry. We don’t take one second of the success that God has given us for granted and we know that without all of the prayers and support that our fans have given us, this ministry would not be possible, so thank you. And big thanks to everyone at Yada Magazine for helping us reach the world!




Current songs on your playlist: The entire Jonny Lang “Turn Around” album. Such a good album; start to finish!

Last movie you just saw: The Book of Eli

Chill out spot: The Channel/Grille 33 in downtown Greenville, SC

Apple juice or Soda: Probably Apple Juice, but we’ve got a soft drink that’s a Carolina original called Cheerwine and I would drink it all day long!

Favourite Bible Verse: Matthew 22:37-40

Guilty pleasure: The one guilty pleasure that we all have in common is probably our love of food! Food is one of our favourite ways to experience other regions and cultures, whether it is Philly Cheese Steak, New York Pizza, or German Weiner Schitzel!


Images courtesy The Advice and Jake Drake photography. For more information on  the advice, visit their website at or follow them on twitter @TheAdvice. Check out the official video of “Your Love sets Me Free”



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  1. I love seeing what God is doing in your lives and how he is opening up doors and opportunities for you.I’m proud of you and thank God he is raising you up to make a difference in our generation of today and that to come.God bless you all.

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