Dele Osunsami is not your average University student. This 20 something year is also a  poet and the author of “Poetry that speaks for itself”. Drawing inspiration from daily tussles and victories, his poetry offers a candid, poignant and lyrically supportive canvas upon which those emerging from struggles of their own can paint a depiction of hope. Readers of his work almost indefinitely begin exodus to stability with an anchored sense of courage. He is currently at the London Metropolitan University studying to become a Sports Therapist. Read the interview with him here



YADA: It has been a few months since your book “Poetry that speaks for itself was released”. How has the journey being for you?

It’s nearly been a year since the book launch. The journey has been amazing, it has helped unlocked doors for me to explore the poetry within. I’ve been able to perform at colleges, pubs, churches, fashion events, youth events amongst other places. Didn’t expect all of this, I’m still in shock on a daily basis especially when people tell me they think I’m good at what I do. I’m thankful for the gift I guess. I am currently working on my sophomore anthology called “Issues of Life” soon to be published.


YADA: When did you start writing poems?

I wrote my first ever poem in year 6. There was some poetry competition going on in school, and it was compulsory. I was about 10/11. Then I didn’t write again till I was in year 10/11 in an exam hall because I had finished an exam pretty early and I was bored. In my college days, I adopted it as hobby.


YADA: What inspires you to do poetry?

My emotions inspire me. The people around me encourage me to write. The things I go through help me to express myself through words. Pretty much everything and anything is an inspiration in some form. I like challenges when it comes to writing poetry.


YADA:  When people read a poem by you or when they hear you perform a poem, what do you want them to leave with?

I want my readers and my audience to understand why I write what I write and I want them to be able to relate to the piece. I also want it to be entertaining and encouraging so that they are hungry for more.



YADA:  Describe your creative process?

My creative process is exactly like this. The light bulb goes off in my head, DING! I know what I want to write, I may not know how I want to write it, but I just get it onto a page. This is known as the first draft. After finishing this step, I read over it and try be critical of it. Then the next bit of the protocol is to recite it to somebody which is usually my good friend and poetry amigo, Deji Babatunde. That doesn’t always happen but when I go through him, he tells me whether it’s a complete product or if I should add more. Step three, is the final draft. This is where I email myself the raw elements that I’ve typed up onto my blackberry and then I do a final edit on microsoft word on my laptop. Then its ready to be put onto my wordpress blog site.


YADA:  How will you say poetry has evolved in the last 10 years?

Poetry has blown up more in the last 10 years. It is more noticed now. You have your Def Jam poetry, the poetry cafes, the poetry events every week somewhere close to you. It’s literally everywhere now. From literature formats in textbooks and anthologies to the spoken word artists on a stage, videos on youtube or an mp3 available to be downloaded or bought from your iTunes account. Looks like it will continue to grow. Everybody is a poet these days!


YADA:  What other projects are you involved in apart from poetry?

Not really involved in any other projects at the moment. No time in between work and university. May be in the near future.


YADA:  Where do you see yourself  in 10 years?

In ten years time, I hope to be alive (laughs). More anthologies; may be even in a book store near you. More exposure in relation to poetry. My very own sports therapy clinic. The list is limitless. Let’s just see what happens and what avenue I take.


YADA:  A final word for our readers

Follow me on twitter: @delewrites. To tantalise your eyes to my work go on Finally to experience me in person book me via my managers or





1.Stealth Featuring Utter Once and Tobi Gems – Grind Hard
2.The Group called HR – My City
3.Jay Gbads – Chapter 1
4.Jay Dolph Featuring The Group called HR and Jay Williams – Never Give Up

Last Movie I saw
Planet of the Apes

TV character most like me
Simon Cowell on the X Factor.

Favourite Bible Verse
1 timothy 4:12 Do not let them despise your youth

I don’t have one.

Guilty Pleasure
Manchester United Football club getting defeated.



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Images used are courtesy Dele Osunsami.

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