For ONOS, music isn’t just a profession or a hobby, music is her life!! Her sight gives you the impression that there’s nothing more beyond the looks but yet, in the dark skin lies a jewel with a voice so rich and so strong, it would leave you spellbound. Read our exclusive interview with the amazing singer and also check out her video with Lara George and ID Cabasa.

YADA: Your new single “Tomorrow” is garnering air play on radio and on television. What inspired the song?

ONOS: The song was inspired by my full name ONORIODE which means ‘No one knows Tomorrow’

YADA: How has the journey been from Worship leader in the House on the Rock church to a full recording artist?

ONOS: It’s been fulfilling, it’s been rewarding, it’s been challenging but all in all, it’s been a very beautiful adventure. I’ve had to evolve from ‘the girl you see on Sunday’ to ‘the girl you see on your TV screens’ and it’s been a unique experience.

YADA: What are the challenges you faced along the way?

ONOS: Financial challenges, raising money produce the album and shoot the videos. Trying to get the right hands to work with in terms of producers and directors.

YADA: How did you overcome them?

ONOS: There’s a saying that ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’, I just had to keep pressing on in spite of whatever obstacles came my way. Honest truth is God just brought people to support me in different ways. It has also been an eye opening experience in the sense that I’ve realized music is not just about having a good voice; there is the business side to it.

YADA: How has the whole “Keep Moving” Experience been?

ONOS: It’s been a learning experience. I’m learning how to improve my style and make my music cutting edge and globally accepted.

YADA: Did you always know you were going to be a recording artist?

ONOS: Yes!! I’ve known that since I was a child.

YADA: You performed at the last Experience concert, sharing the stage with Chevelle Franklin, Micah Stampley and Phil Driscoll. How was the experience?

ONOS: It was an experience of a life time, a dream come true, an unforgettable experience. I stood on that stage and sang with artists I grew up listening to; it completely blew my mind. It wasn’t only the fact that I sang with them, I also got an opportunity to do one of my songs with Chevelle Franklyn. That was the highlight of the event for me.

Onos performing with Chevelle Franklin at The 2010 Experience Concert

YADA: What lesson(s) have you learnt about the Nigerian music industry?

ONOS: It’s not child’s play, it’s very serious business!! You need to know your onions to stay ahead of the game.

YADA: What are your thoughts on gospel music in Nigeria?

ONOS: It is still in the growing process however, it is a lot better than what it used to be. We have more artists coming up with different styles and blend to their music, and also a lot more creativity in their sound and music videos.

YADA: Final words to our readers

ONOS: KEEP MOVING. No matter what life throws at you, hold on to your dreams, keep your head up high and KEEP MOVING.


Songs on your playlist now: Tomorrow by ONOS, Mercy Seat by Vicky Yohe, Fire on the mountain by ASA

Last Book you read:
Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin

Last film you saw: Due Date

Mentor: Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Favorite past time: Window Shopping and surfing the internet

Favorite bible verse: Isaiah 45:2

Check out the Official music video of the single feat Lara George and ID Cabasa here


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