THiNK International was set up by Jeff Moors, and Sean Cannell as a solution to an increasingly irrelevant church.  In July of 2010 they set off to develop something that would bring hope, spark creativity, and empower ministries, churches, and organizations around the world to reach people

Together Jeff and Sean form an unreal team that has the ability make stuff happen. They are students of the church and of culture with a heart to reach people making them incredibly effective when it comes to generating ideas that create results. Being able to see future trends before they materialize, Jeff and Sean stay ahead of the game. They want leaders to think bigger, faster, more creatively, and well, just differently than the average person. Read ahead for our exclusive interview with them.

YADA: How has the journey been since the inception of Think International.

Jeff: It’s been an incredible creative outlet and a great learning experience.  We have been able to meet and talk with some of the greatest leaders and innovators of our generation.

Sean: Amazing!  God has done so much in 8 months and we’ve seen so many doors open.

YADA: What inspired the website?

Jeff: We wanted something clean and that didn’t look “churchy.”  Also we wanted to go with a “blog” format that would be easily updatable and would display media well.

Sean: We get inspiration from many places — we pull a lot from the board sports industry and from so many artistic videographers and creatives that are emerging.


YADA: How has the feedback been so far?

Jeff: Pretty crazy — we get message from all over the world about how our content has inspired people and given them ideas to better impact their culture and what they are doing.  Our “niche” isn’t very large on say, YouTube, but in a short time we already have 2000+ subscribers across our various channels.

YADA: Do you think there is a meeting point for the church and culture?

Jeff: Absolutely.  To give a short answer for such a broad question — I would say the church should be creating “culture” that impacts the “greater culture.”


YADA: How has Think International changed you personally?

Jeff: It’s broadened my perspective of what’s happening in different “movements” and “networks.” It’s also made me more aware of how close we all are now — via social media and the internet.

Sean: It’s changed my perspectives and expanded my vision a ton.  Being able to get out of my local “box” and be exposed to ideas and work flows — that actually work — has been amazing.  It has accelerated me in every area of my life personally and professionally.

YADA: How is your clientele base now?

Jeff: Being in ministry we don’t think in terms of “clientele” but rather partners & friends we get to serve.

Sean: For being a new “start-up” ministry we have made a lot of great connections!

Jeff and the family

YADA: What are your plans for the year 2011

Jeff: I’d like to drop about 15 pounds that I gained over the holidays.

Sean: Me too.

Jeff: We have History Maker Conference in Canada coming up, an Invisible Children Event, and some stuff with Calibrate NW. My family and I are also moving to Southern California latter this year to expand THiNK on the west coast.

Sean: We also have some super cool “Northwest Voice’s” content coming out that will be super helpful for church planters and pastors from Oregon to British Columbia.  Lot’s of new THiNK Media TV content coming out.  And some next level stuff we can’t talk about yet 🙂  We talk about this in a friend & partner update here:

YADA: You are Think International. How do you intend of expanding globally?

Sean: Well on the one hand — because of the internet we already are “international” — having connected with people in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia– all over the place.  We also have friends in Africa that we intend on working with relatively soon.

Sean and his wife, Sophie

YADA: Where do you see Think International in 5 years?

Jeff: Doing more of the same just on a grander scale.  Staff, Interns…

Sean: We love and are called to “equip” the church — but we also have a huge heart to impact culture and media — so in 5 years we will be in strategic places relating to that.

YADA: When did give your life to Christ?

Jeff: When I was 18, I’m 32 now, so 14 years ago.

Sean: When I was 20, I’m 27 now, so 7 years ago.

YADA: How has it been so far?

Jeff: My life has had some crazy ups and downs, but Jesus Christ has always been a constant, so no matter what I always have hope.

Sean: Incredible — I would probably be dead had Jesus not rescued me.

YADA:  A word for Yada Readers

Jeff: Allow the Lord to inspired you and then do something about it.

Sean: Listen.  I have found that in every area of my life whether its speaking, video, media, family — that I have gone further faster because I am a listener.  I don’t assume I know and always place my self in a place of learning and listening.

Jeff: Also follow THiNK on twitter and “like” us on facebook 🙂


Songs on your playlist now:

Jeff: The New Jesus Culture, Come Away. M83 stuff.

Sean: The new Ben Dunn album, “Love Circus.”  Kye Kye is an amazing new band.  The new United album “Aftermath.”  Lots of Dubstep and stuff and stuff from Brandon Willett and Djsiah.

Books you are reading now:

Jeff: Sticky Church by Larry Osborne & Next Christians by Gabe Lyons.

Sean: The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss and Heavy Rain by Kris Vallotton.

Last movie you saw. How was it?:

Jeff: Despicable Me — I’ve got kids — loved it!

Sean: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps — a decent sequel…

Favorite TV Show:

Jeff: CSI.

Sean: World of Jenks.

Favorite album of all time:

Sean: Impossible to narrow down.  Check out my bio on our website for the extended list of artists I love.

Jeff: What Sean said.

Guilty Pleasure:

Jeff: Late night snacks.

Sean: Shin Ramyun.

For more information on Think International visit their website


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