In an industry were hard work is no longer a virtue and most musicians would rather take the shortcut than do their home work, IBK has shone. He is not only a singer but he is also a rapper,  producer, a songwriter and a spoken word artist. Last year he won the Don Jazzy Enigma competition and it seems there is no stopping this dude. With work credits including Bez, Sound Sultan, Modele amongst others, IBK is telling the world he is hear to stay. Enjoy our interview with him

YADA: It has been almost a year since you won the Enigma competition. How has your career transformed in the past year?

IBK: Up up and away! It’s been steady progressing as regards the knowledge of the person, his music and how he makes it. It’s been an awesome ride thus far and I can only see better things ahead.

YADA: Are you currently working on your debut album?

IBK: Yes I am. It’s coming on well too; we thank God for the creative ideas

YADA: Elevation Song with Modele. That song is amazing. Can you talk to us about the song?

IBK: The Elevation song is one record I personally love. We decided to go “spaceship music” style and fuse different genres that was eventually the sound for the record. It’s an inspirational feel good about who you are and what God has called you to be kind of record and it has been having great reviews thus far.

YADA: What inspires your art?

IBK: God’s word, love, life, the concept of what is real versus ideal, a good movie, other artists who put out out-of-the-box records and do stuff that’s not conventional, stuff like that.

YADA: What is your creative process like?

IBK: I break two eggs in a calabash, put pepper, dance around the calabash, jump up and down… (laughs) just kidding. The creative process varies from very energetic to laid back depending on what type of music and the feel of what I am producing. I usually am how I want the listener to react once they hear the finished product. So if I want them to move when they hear the record, I am moving to the beat the way I feel they would while I make the music.

YADA: Production. Songwriting. Singing. Rapping. Spoken Word. What else do you do that we don’t know about?

IBK: You virtually said it all. All I do is music related and that’s where I put my energy in because that’s my powerful tool for communicating the message of truth to my audience.

YADA: What were your musical influences growing up?

IBK: I listened to a lot of soul music, got introduced to hip-hop in the late 80’s/ early 90’s. the 90’s also opened me up to lots of Negro-Spiritual pieces as well as jazz and the different exceptional artists that made good music in these genres.

YADA: Are you involved in any non-music projects?

IBK: Of course! I am involved in the PROJECT BACK TO SCHOOL program created by the CEO and founder of olamildentertainment, Olamild herself. It’s a charitable program that creates an avenue for less privileged students to get the required school supplies that are essential and necessary to carry out school work, thus, making the future leaders of tomorrow, world changers of today.

YADA: Any tours or performances coming up in the future.

IBK: Why of course! certainly! and as a result, I am currently working with a team of musicians on how the stage set and arrangements would be. So look out world!

YADA: A final word for our readers.

IBK: I’ll say to everyone that has eyes that can see and a brain to interpret these letters as words that no matter where you are currently in life, you can be relevant to a positive course. All we need to do is discover our purpose on earth and fulfill it, this can be made possible if the discovery is sort out in God. Stay blessed



Current songs on your playlist: Eliza Doolittle

Last movie you saw: She is not in my league

TV show you are watching now: None. I don’t really do TV

Favourite website: Olamildentertainment and I like YadaMag (Big Grin)

TV character most like you: TV character I like the most is BARNEY (HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER)

Watch the I Have a Dream Trailer here


  1. I Have A Dream Trailer is the best video I’ve seen out of Naija in a long while! Bravo, and more success to you IBK Space Boi!

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