Born Deshon Bullock, Shonlock is one of the leading artists of our time. The former choreographer for Arrested Development and Aaliyah  went from just being a dancer to being one of the top Christian artists not only in the United States but also in the world. A former member of the Diverse City Band by Tobymac, Shonlock is currently signed on to Word Label and his new album Never Odd or Even topped the charts. In this interview with Harry Itie, he talks about his music, Diverse City and a TV Character that he is most like. Enjoy


YADA: Never Odd or Even is an awesome album. Tell us what inspired the album?

SHONLOCK: The album was inspired by an over flow of life’s highs and lows. One thing was always consistent… God’s love



YADA: Your sound transformed with this album. How was that process like?

SHONLOCK:  I did not try to be one certain sound. I had grown a lot since my indie releases and wanted to pull back some layers to whom I am and where I came from.


YADA: Something in Your Eyes got to number 1 on the Billboard Radio Charts. How did you feel when you got the news?

SHONLOCK: It was crazy when I found out that the song was #1. I felt honoured, blessed, humbled and inspired all at the same time.


YADA: “Hello” the second single is such a deep song. What inspired it?

SHONLOCK: I wanted people to feel like I was talking directly to them. I wanted to wake up people’s dreams and passions and challenge them to make a difference. For those on the verge of choosing Christ, I wanted them to know that there is nothing better and to take that step of faith.


YADA: What is your creative process like?

SHONLOCK: I pace a room or drive with the music on, or I go to a different room then the music is playing in, just enough to still hear it and let the melody come to me. It happens in different ways; sometimes there is no music and God just gives me something I cannot shake.


YADA: You were on tour with Group 1 Crew and Rachael Lampa. How was that experience for you?

SHONLOCK: It was funny because we all knew each other before things started to take off and it is a blessing to see your friends doing well.



YADA: Do you still keep in touch with Tobymac and the members of Diverse City?

SHONLOCK: Of course! Diverse City is not just a band. I spent over 10 years with them, after that kind of time spent with each other it was more of a family. You do not stop talking to your brothers and sisters because you get a new job! (laughs) I learned a lot from Toby. What better mentor to have. There is more to come. I was just the first to graduate from Toby Diverse City “University”


YADA: What non-music projects are you currently involved in?

SHONLOCK: We have a discipleship group where we speak and teach young men Biblical principles.


YADA: Any international tours in the works? Possibly a visit to Nigeria.

SHONLOCK: We would love to go to Nigeria! Right now we are scheduled to go to The Netherlands in June and Norway in July. If God makes a way, we are on our way!



YADA: Final word for our readers

SHONLOCK: We are the “MONSTROUS” body of Christ and there is nothing we cannot do when we stand together in united, everyone walking in their gifts. Let us continue to focus on the things that bring us together and not the things that separate us. For the body does not consist of just one member but many!




Songs on your playlist now
Adele- Someone like you”
Taylor Swift- Never grow up
Mat Kearney- What’s a boy to do

Last book you read – Counterfeit Gods

Apple juice or Soda – Apple juice

TV Character most like you – Dr. House

Favourite Bible Verse – 1 Cor 12:12-14


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