Young, talented and creative are just some of the words that describe 22 year old fashion designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal. The young creative is the face behind Orange Culture: a fashion label that has been causing quite a stir in the fashion world with its Summer Quirk and Elusive Strength collections. In this interview, Fashion Editor, Innocent Ndlovu talks to him about his new collection and more.


YADA: Tell us a little bit about Summer Quirk and Elusive strength. What inspired those collections?

ADEBAYO: Summer’s Quirk collection is for fun loving guys. Men full of life, who know how to make use of the opportunities summer has to offer will appreciate this collection. Chiffon, cotton, ankara, corduroy, chinos and other such fabrics were used in the Summers Quirk collection. If you are a man with a colour disposition you’ll love this collection and the ability it gives you to rock pieces suited to different fashionable summer experiences.



For the elusive strength collection fabrics include Vlisco, leather, lace and chiffon. The collection is about a misunderstood type of feminine strength, a strength empowered by a woman’s sexuality. It celebrates a woman who understands and owns her beauty and the power that it possesses, thus why the pieces are sexy, strong, but still very feminine.


YADA: What have you been up to in terms of Orange Culture?

ADEBAYO: Well I would rather keep that a secret until it happens, but do not worry there’s a lot to come. We just turned a year old a few days back so it can only get better.


YADA: Orange Culture has become quite popular. What do you think contributes to its success?

ADEBAYO: God (smiles), my family and an amazing team. (Dapo, Debo, Oyakhire and Jennifer). Without these people, the label would still just be a dream.


YADA: When was the first time you ever sold a garment you designed and for how much?

ADEBAYO: I think it was a pair of shorts for five thousand naira.(laughs). A lot has changed since then.


YADA: How do you stay grounded and not lose yourself in the fame or pressures of being a designer?

ADEBAYO: (laughs). I am not famous, so the pressure of fame is really not that much of a battle but I thank God, my family and great friends that remind me every day were exactly I’m coming from.


YADA: I have noticed that there are few menswear designers in Africa. How do you feel about that?

ADEBAYO: It is sad but I can see many upcoming menswear designers starting as well, so at least people are beginning to see the lack.


YADA: Take us through a typical day in your life.

ADEBAYO: No day is the same for me, because I don’t only work as a designer.


YADA: Are you working on anything we should look out for in the near future?

ADEBAYO: A lot. So just keep looking out.


YADA: Are you a spiritual person? Talk to us a bit about your relationship with God?

ADEBAYO: He is my father and my friend, so it’s a special bond. I talk to Him about everything, the bad and the good. It’s a relationship I can’t do without. He loves me in my many imperfections and well He is helping me to correct them.


YADA: Any final words for our readers?

ADEBAYO: Make sure you are passionate about whatever you decide to get into, do not ever do it because it seems trendy, make sure it’s what God has planned for you.


For more information

Follow Adebayo on Twitter @TheOrangeNerd

Follow Orange Culture on Twitter @OrangeCultureCo

Visit their website


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