Adam Cappa is one of  the new artists signed to BEC and he recently released his debut album called “The Rescue”. There is so much you need to know about the awesome singer and we got you an exclusive interview. Enjoy


YADA: The new album is called ‘The Rescue’. What inspired the album?

ADAM: I was able to write and record The Rescue with Jeremy Camp and Andy Dodd. We would sit for hours writing songs, sharing out hearts, and talking about what the Lord was teaching us. When we starting writing, we didn’t have a theme in mind. Instead, we found that a theme wove itself in and out of every song, tying it all together. God is our only hope, our salvation, our place of rest, and our rescuer! I was inspired to write The Rescue with all of the things the Lord had been teaching me, and shared those things in each song.


YADA: How would you describe your sound?

ADAM: I would describe my sound as Pop/Worship; kind of like a One Republic meets Jeremy Camp or Chris Tomlin.

YADA: What inspires your music?

ADAM: I am inspired by what the Lord is teaching me or has taught others. I love hearing stories of what the Lord has done through someone’s life. I’m the most inspired by simply being in the word of God.

YADA: Can you describe your creative process?

ADAM: My creative process is never the same. Sometimes songs just come to me while driving or in the middle of the night, and other times while reading the word. I have yet to find a pattern.  Most of this album was written with ideas that came from my heart. Jeremy and Andy helped piece it together by adding ideas from their hearts.

YADA: Talk to us a bit about meeting Jeremy Camp.

ADAM: Throughout High School, I was really involved in Young Life. During my sophomore year, I met the Lord at camp. I really looked up to a couple of guys involved as well, who happened to play guitar. So, for my sixteenth birthday, I bought a guitar. I began playing at Club every Wednesday night, learning as I watched them play. Before I knew it I was involved with a youth group leading worship, and soon a permanent fixture on staff for the next five years. Songs began to pour from my heart.  I got a few buddies together and we started playing these songs in a garage, then at churches and teen camps.  One of my best friends who I met through Young Life happened to be friends with Jeremy Camp. December of 2007, I got a call from my buddy and Jeremy. Jeremy invited me up to his home in Indiana to record a demo. This is where we began our friendship. I would go to shows from time to time to see him or to visit at his home. Over the next few years, the Lord continued to grow my passion for ministry and my friendship with Jeremy. In 2009, I graduated college and the Lord had given me a vision for ministry on the road. I sold my car, bought a van, and hit the road, playing churches and teen camps all over the country.


A year later, an opportunity to open for Jeremy came about. I sent Jeremy a text asking if it was cool, and he said “absolutely!” That night as I walked off stage, Jeremy grabbed me and said “Listen, I love you heart and what your doing. I’ve been praying about investing in someone and feel like you’re the guy. My dad even said something to me about you, and that I need to do something with you, and my dad never says that stuff. He said we have the same heart. So I want to get you on the road with me and do a record and just help you out. What do you think? We should pray about it.”  And pray we did. About three months later, we reconnected and felt the Lord saying go. We started writing an album together with Andy Dodd and Jeremy began pouring into my life. Once we had a few tunes together Jeremy took them over to BEC and asked them to have a listen as he shared is heart behind investing in my life. BEC grabbed a hold of Jeremy’s vision and asked me to be apart of the BEC family.

YADA: In what way has your life changed since meeting him?

ADAM: My life has changed in many ways after meeting Jeremy. He has become one of my closets friends and mentors in life. I’ve become a member of the Camp family. The girls have adopted me as their “older but younger looking big brother.”  I learned so much from Jeremy about ministry and music, but most importantly to never underestimate the platform on which God has us and to always seek the Lord first in all things.


YADA: What are the challenges facing Christian music artists in the USA?

ADAM: I think the biggest challenge facing artists and worship leaders in the USA, and even other countries, is that we are seen as rock stars instead of servants of Christ. It’s easy for people to worship the worship leaders instead of God himself. I think its time for us as artists to remind our bothers and sisters in Christ that we are no different than anyone else and deserve no praise. The same Spirit that is alive and at work in us is the same Spirit that is alive and doing and work in everyone else. We are only able to do what we do because of what God has done before us, and what he’s doing through us. Without Him we are nothing.


YADA: What non-music projects are you currently involved in?

ADAM: I am currently involved with mentoring young leaders at my home church in Richmond, IN. I believe that the church is only as strong as our next generation.  It’s so important to be investing in generations to come.  I’m also becoming involved with Compassion International and hope to work side by side with them sponsoring Children all over the world!

YADA: Are you planning a tour soon? Probably a visit to Nigeria (laughs)

ADAM: I am on tour right now with Jeremy Camp and Francesca Battistelli. Jeremy and I just returned from Asia and are headed to Brazil in a few weeks, and I’m sure we would make a stop in Nigeria if we had time!  I would absolutely come in a heartbeat if you would have me!

YADA: A final word for our readers

ADAM: I hope that you all enjoy my new album, The Rescue! I pray that these songs will draw you closer to our Creator. Remember to seek the Lord in all things and never underestimate where the Lord has you!





Current songs on your playlist

Switchfoot, Phil Wickham, and Needtobreathe

Last movie you saw

Act of Valor

TV series you are hooked on now

Pawn Stars (anything on The History Channel) (laughs)

Last book you read

Jeremy Camp’s “I still Believe”

Favourite food

Anything eatable. I love food! Right now I would say it’s Mexican food.




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