Everyday Heroes is an initiative of Yada to seek out young people doing extraordinary things. We profile young people who are seeking ways to help their local community and Nigeria in general. This month our everyday hero is Mayowa eMJOY Adebajo.

Mayowa was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He schooled in expensive, private schools since primary, to secondary and then university thanks to his mother’s drive and passion for her children’s future. At 17, he began to mature into life and understand his purpose after he came to accept Jesus as His Lord and Savior prior to which he was a rascally clown for the most part of secondary school life.

Currently, Mayowa is the visionary for a new movement called “New Nigeria Spirit”. New Nigeria Spirit is a spirit/character of the new Nigeria generally hoped for by Nigerians and non-Nigerians; it is simply the spirit of being the change you desire to see, the spirit of positive change towards growth and development of the Nigerian people and nation, viz. anti-corruption, justice, originality, selfless-motive change, people security, transparency, greatness, nationwide prosperity, etc. Things Nigerians generally desire to see manifest for the people. He hopes to spread the New Nigeria Spirit (NNS) through NNS positively branded design tee-shirts to be sold abroad and Nigeria, through New Nigeria songs, through a website of information and inspiration, through awareness music concerts, and seminars, etc. for starters. In his words “This is a group of the New Generation. Youths and all of Nigerians and even non-Nigerians who believe, and therefore pick up the burden of fighting corruption especially, doing something however little though directed to the fruition of our faith in the New Nigeria. The New Nigeria is only in the hearts of people right now- people who already believe. Their faith and passion will have them believe and war it into existence. So, now we cultivate in us- the New Nigeria Spirit: the attitude of the Nigeria (and Nigerians) we hope for”.

The next thing on his agenda is called THE YEAR OF THE ELECTION CAMPAIGN. This is the plan for 2011 when Nigerian elections are happening. The aim is to give everyone- voters, youths and all- faith for change in this round of elections having invested so much drive, activity, and optimism thus he and his team are producing new NNS design tees for abroad and Nigeria and also working on higher visibility for greater impact.

For more information visit: www.newnigeriaspirit.com

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