Christmas is one amazing season and all some people need to enjoy it to the fullest is simply to know Jesus better. Therefore, emerging gospel artist eMJOY (artist BIO below) is releasing two songs with that goal in mind. “Altered” (Prod. by Eshon Burgundy) is a mellow tempo, hip-hop vibe where eMJOY shares of the power of Jesus to “save a soul”- at the altar, with the help of Pastor Dominic’s vocals on the hook. “Over and Over” (Prod. by Dot Okune), a more giddy vibe and a more Nigerian tone, is about God’s love that comes for us whenever we fall, over and over again.

Listen to them below


About eMJOY:
eMJOY is an emerging independent gospel rap artist born (July, 1988) and raised in Nigeria, yet currently residing in Toronto, Canada, schooling. His government name is Mayowa Adebajo; Mayowa meaning ‘God has brought joy’, from which he coined his stage name. eMJOY has been writing and rapping from a very young age (around 10 years old); performing at high school and university events occasionally, but he began his music career in 2010 recording and publishing singles. In 2011, he released his first body of work online- the YGMVTECH mixtape which included fan-favorite ‘Gracias, Ose, Merci’, to satisfactorily favorable response. Writer on and, Imade, says, “Emjoy knows how to take a pop cultural reference, flip it on its head, and use it to give glory to God. Emjoy’s spiritual cleverness makes him an emcee to look out for.” Lalaboiy of says, “…different and unique and has the replay factor.” 
You can connect eMJOY online at
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