Four Men… Many Paths… ONE WAY!

WriteWay-Music take great delight in announcing their sophomore music project, a 10 track LP titled ‘One Way Volume II’ which will be released on all major digital outlets on 3rd December 2012.

WriteWay-Music consists of Tunde ‘Tunday’ Balogun, Lekè Akinyemi, Robert ‘Presha J’ Awuku’ and Dwayne Edwards; four young men, traveling on many paths but all knowing that there is ultimately ‘One Way’ to live their lives.

With production coming from MOBO Award winning producer Victizzle (‘One Way’ – title track of the ‘One Way’ LP and ‘The Life Of Presha’Presha J single), Luke ‘GKiD’ Grant (‘Right Way’ and Won’t Let Me Fall’‘One Way’ LP) and Smylee (‘Home At Last’‘One Way’ LP and ‘Changes’Presha J single), ‘One Way Volume II’ is set to be a smash hit giving WriteWay-Music fans of old more of what they’ve come to love from the group whilst creatively diversifying their sound to reach a wider demographic of people while still being true to themselves as artists.

Building on the success of their debut LP release ‘One Way,’ a short film also titled ‘One Way’ and two solo single releases in the form of Lekè’s single ‘Rodeo’ (which hit the top 40 on the iTunes RnB chart) and Presha J’s ‘The Life Of Presha’ (both accompanied by music videos), ‘One Way Volume II’ comes as a mature musical offering of truth, experience, inspiration and hope.

“I think there’s a lot maturity and a clear level of confidence,” says Tunday. “We’ve honed our crafts and focused on using our musical strengths to create some great songs. There is a lot more honesty in the lyrics we’ve written and brought to each song and the passion that is rooted deep within us all and in our hearts is evident for all to hear.

From the Electro/Pop infused dance floor hit ‘Back To You’ on which Lekè’s sultry vocals smooth out the rough edges to the way Dwayne’s punchy, gritty delivery on ‘Extreme’ convicts and provokes introspective thought to the unmistakable flow and tonal quality of Presha J on ‘Follow’ to the reinvention of Tunday’s expressive, descriptive and off the beat flow on ‘Burning Up,’ ‘One Way Volume II’ has something for everyone.

”I think it was really fitting that we called the project ‘One Way Volume II’ explains Lekè. “That way people see that there’s progression, but we’re still on the same wavelength.”

“We had to carry on the theme of ‘One Way’ because the message is very relevant and we’re just continuing on from what was said on ‘One Way’ (the first LP) as we still have more to say,” says Presha J.

Not satisfied with just doing something different, WriteWay-Music have blown the expectations of what is expected from an Urban/Rap group with genre defying, out of the box musical styles and varieties on ‘One Way Volume II’. Having already branched out into more universal, cross cultural and multi-generational styles of music with their most recent single ‘New Song,’ WriteWay-Music take us to a place of mellow contemplation on the acoustic offering ‘Take It All,’ grooves bursting with food for thought on ‘Break it Down’ and reassure us on the feel good, head nodder, ‘You Told Me’.

“‘One Way’ was more about direction and focus,” says Dwayne. “‘One Way Volume II’ expands on that with varying topics that apply to every day life and situations.”

‘One Way Volume II’ will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and various digital outlets on 3rd December 2012.

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