We at Yada Magazine are so happy to announce to you that you can now download our 2nd compilation album here. We are so excited about the album and if you didn’t see the tracklist, check it out below


  1. INTRO: Telephone Conversation
  2. Fizzikal-  Hallelujah
  3. Japhy Davies- You
  4. Onos- IN Control
  5. Pastor J- Grace and Mercy
  6. theBreax- Down
  7. Anani- Fine as fine can be
  8. Rooftop MCs- Eromplaini
  9. Modele- Elevation Song
  10. Dikky- Poppin Them Thangs
  11. Mr. Phisha- Seize tha moment
  12. Emjoy- Who’s That
  14. Tosinger- baba’s love



  1. Anani- Just Wondering
  2. Evin Amiri- Yeah
  3. eMJOY- I Just Wanna (Deep in Love)
  4. Jungle Fever- Pop Sound
  5. Wes Pendleton- I Made It
  6. Mamiska- What it is
  7. XL- Like a Drug
  8. Qru & Phish ft Tolu – #LegacyTinz
  9. t.Jay- Fresh prints
  10. Propane ft. Timi Psalms – Vessel of Honour
  11.  GameMan- Full Court Mess Remix
  12. Vivid EXP – Real
  13. eMJOY – Over Here Feat. Spoken
  14. Simi- Emi L’Onijo
  15. Outro: First Attempt at a good intro

Please download. We are so excited. If you missed the link, download here



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