Love truly is a beautiful thing. I am not sure what Dbanj had in mind when he was reeling off lyrics like ‘my sweet potato’ and ‘my sugar banana’ (shaking my head) but what I can say is that I actually agree with him. Love really is a beautiful thing. Even when it seems like you have been heartbroken, the pain actually knows how sweet the love was before ‘it got twisted’

Let us dig deeper by diving into the scriptures. Let us look at my favourite scripture, 1 Corinthians 13. Now think of all the qualities we value in our fellow humans: gentleness, kindness, patience, good behavior, humility, purity, honesty, perseverance and dependability; combine all these and multiply by a million and you’ll end up in one word, love.

Talk is cheap, aren’t we all tired of hearing d same lies; whether you male or female? True love is not in love making except in matrimony, holy if I might add so why would he take you to a hotel and say he loves you or even have the guts to say he loves you the first day you guys meet? I believe in love at first sight but dear reader I am sure it hasn’t happened to you yet and let say it does happen, what are the chances that those relationships do last?

Love is a beautiful thing and this love is eternal. It is love found and deeply rooted in Jesus Christ. The Bible says “Greater love hath no man than this that a man would lay down his life for his friends”. Love is hinged on sacrifice. Is your man willing to sacrifice his desires for you? Is he willing to wait for you or he is just waiting for the right opportunity to jump into bed with you. These are some of the questions we should ask ourselves.

Love is a beautiful thing. Please do not get the concept twisted.

– Ndatse Okodi Iyah

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