Dolce & Gabbana recently showcased their Fall/Winter 2011 collection and it appeared that the designers incorporated the use of many vintage and olden days style; one of them being braces.Now recapping back to like 5 years ago maybe, even though braces came into existence long before 5 years ago, it was an accessory that was highly common amongst the males and was added to a lot of outfits, even though they may not have been used to carry out their purpose;  holding one’s trousers up. But now it seems as though the trend may reoccur. Since braces haven’t been included in many designers’ collections in a while, the fact that Dolce and Gabbana  included them in their collection could lead to the reoccurrence of the trend again. And personally, I like it, so I intend on adding braces to some of my outfits now.

P.S. The whole collection is a breath of fresh air; as attention as been taken away from skinny or fitted jeans/trousers, and the rolled/cropped trousers and the attention is now focused one more loosely fitted outfits and trousers.

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