This is one topic that whenever it is mentioned, sounds both exciting and frightening. A lot of speakers and writers on the discovery of purpose have made it sound as though it is more complicated than rocket science. I also felt so for a very long time, and not even Rick Warren’s A Purpose-Driven Life made it any easier for me. But all that came to an end when at a Christian youth conference, I heard a speaker preach about it in a very simplistic way.

Quoting from only one Bible verse that says, “For the Spirit of God empowers you to do some things exceedingly well” [emphasis mine], he then went on to give a simple 3-step approach to self-discovery of purpose:

  1. What is that one thing or collection of things you do that comes to you very naturally, in no matter raw a form?
  2. What are those things that when doing, you lose all track of time and can do for hours without end even without the promise of pay?
  3. Whenever you dream about yourself in the future, (and we all do), what is that thing or what are those things we continually see yourself doing?

And that was it! There was no 40-day reading test and other complicated procedures. It demystified the concept of discovering purpose. As much as through Christ who strengthens us, we can do all things [Philippians 4:13], yet His spirit has given us the empowerment to do certain things with exceptional excellence. This is to say I could chose to be a medical surgeon and be able to do it through Christ’s power, but imbued in me is already the natural ability to some other things exceptionally. But even beyond doing those things exceptionally, I am also passionate about them as steps 2 and 3 seeks to confirm: those things I can do for hours without promise of pay and I always dream about doing.

The discovery of purpose is one of the best things that can happen to anybody, especially a young Christian. It solves a lot of questions, especially about career and what we want to spend our lives doing. This is because when one discovers his/her purpose, he sees before him things he can do and should do. There is no question of being unemployed because a purpose empowers you to provide solutions to a problem(s). This is the main reason God imbued in us a purpose, so that we will not just exist to worship Him and then come home to Him in heaven, but also that while we are here on earth, we live to provide solutions to problems around us and live a lasting mark on people around us.

Choosing to follow our purpose, which is a calling, is not an easy thing to do, admittedly. There comes with it a great deal of self-resistance, then the uncertainty of how we would be able to live on it, especially in cases where that purpose is birthing an unknown job description. However, God assures through His words in Matthew 6:25-33, that we should not worry about what to eat or drink or wear, as He shall meet our needs. Once we keep knowledge of this promise He has made towards us, it should not frighten us into ignoring our purpose and doing the conventional thing.

Working on our purpose brings with it benefits that can never be bought with money: the thrill of doing something you love, that fire that burns up within you from mere thinking about it, the fulfilment of doing it and from touching lives.

May we keep in mind the knowledge of these things, seek out our purpose and live to accomplish it.


This article was written by Mark Amaza. He is youth blogger, thinker and CEO of MINDCapital, a strategy, innovation and branding consulting firm. He blogs at

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