The much publicized DESTINY CHILD (DC) Gospel Music Talent Hunt will go on air from this Sunday and every other Sunday till December 2012 on African Independent Television (AIT). This is coming on the heels of a successful month-long audition of the decent family reality television show that took place in six major cities across the country.

The quest for a better place for gospel musician was given a life from the Abuja, Makurdi, Owerri and Port Harcourt zonal audition venues. This interesting development further justifies the three days audition on each zone, which also included Benin and Lagos zones with lots of talents discovered.

Feelers from the clips made available to the media reveal that the well publicized event packaged by is poised to live up to its promise of presenting a deserving platform for gospel musicians.

The journey had commenced at the Musa Yar’adua Centre Abuja on Saturday, August 2, 2012 and progressed without any hitch. Thanks to meticulous planning and systematic delivery by the well assembled team of professionals working for Destiny Child that is powered by Deli Stationeries.

This much was attested to by the executive Producer, Mr. Omax Eshareturi, who spoke with the media on Tuesday. He said that, “DESTINY CHILD (DC) is a talent hunt show designed to give Nigerian gospel singers an opportunity to showcase their God given talents on the biggest gospel music platform ever.

He further explained that, “This is the first of its kind, and a long awaited relief to the frustration  gospel musicians’ are regularly subjected to in the Entertainment Industry.”  The package, he explained, is expected to attract  huge attention it deserves because of the high population of Christian believers and unbelievers in our great nation, who will directly get ministration and testimony as DESTINY CHILD (DC) continues to redefine and revolutionize Nigeria’s Christian sect, and also a wake up call to all Pastors, Bishops, General overseers and all men of God to invest in gospel music as a content development in their churches based on the fact that gospel music is a surest way of disseminating the HOLY WORD OF GOD.

On her part, the producer, Mrs. Uche Thelma Eshareturi said the judges looked at vocal ability, courage,ministration, attitude and lots more.
According to Mrs. Eshareturi (aka U-Cheena), “There is no dull moment for viewers, because from day one, despite cloudy sky, young and old contestants came out in their numbers, all in search of their destiny through this gospel talent hunt.”
A preview of the first edition reveals very interesting footages from the auditions which started at the prestigious Shehu Musa Yar’ Adua centre packed full with hopeful contestants. The atmosphere was agog with groups of young vibrant gospel voices as they rehearsed with hopes of wowing the audition judges.

Ucheena reveals that, “Sights of these has also graced the world via Twitter (@DestinychildT) and Facebook (Destiny Child Talent) all through.”

This she said, continued through all the zones in Makurdi, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Benin and later in Lagos on August 22, 2012, thereby giving gospel music a voice in Nigeria. The day usually starts with the accreditation of the contestants.
The preview began with the arrival of executive producer, at the first audition venue followed by his wife, Ucheena. Then Tim Godfrey and Samsong, both judges and two of Nigeria’s most sort after gospel singers and gospel choir coordinators.
That set the stage for the first elimination, with three different audition rooms, in all their splendour and magnificence. The contestants were seen being ushered in – to determine their qualification (the green card). Expectedly, each later came out of the audition rooms with different expressions on their faces, some smiling, some moody, some sad, some in tears. First round winners took turns to flaunt their green cards.

Ucheena said, “After confirmation of registration organizers allowed contestants to be auditioned, the competition got hotter, with the three rooms now merging into a studio, with three judges.

The anxiety was intensified for those who would go on to the third round, the sadness and pain got worse for those who couldn’t scale through. With green cards giving way to white tags and fierce competition ahead, as the judges had streamlined the contestants to 70 wonderful gospel voices that will ultimately compete for the final four spots.

Day two didn’t pass without good laughs, tears of loss and tears of joy, the journey continues with the successful contestants. Each contestant wowed the judges with angelic voices, totally different from the voices heard during the first and second rounds. It was simply unbelievable as the judges had a long day grading contestants as they battled to get the best 15.
“While they waited in a room came worship songs from the waiting room, this drew all staff and crews attention. It was electrifying, talents hunt turn into worship session, it was awesome!” U-Cheena enthused.
She further hinted that, “Funny enough, during this unplanned worship session, we realized some contestants were better off, but what could have happened during their audition? Could it be tension?”  That would be left for viewers and eventual voters to be saddled with when the real show commences.

Now, the question on the lips of many is who is a destiny child, because during the Abuja audition, the voice of a contestant facing the judges was quite different from when the contestants who were in the spirit of worship.
“With heavy hearts and plenty of emotions 55 contestants were sent home, with some words of prayer. Sad but we had to get the final four. The 15 finalists were ushered into the studio, and were addressed by the judges, to give in their best, as it was their last chance they had to make it into DC City,” she said.
From the preview, the final showdown was no mean feat, with excellent vocalists singing to impress the judges. Alas decisions had to be made and four contestants were chosen to represent Abuja in Lagos.


Next was Makurdi Zone, and on Monday, August 6, 2012 of that beautiful morning the train arrived in the food basket of the nation. Earlier turnout there was poor until much later, this the producer attributed to the awareness created by the earlier callers at the venue.

Her words, “As you can see from this visuals, the earlier turnout was very poor until they saw the preparation, then they began to troop in. Facebook and Twitter had so much traffic with questions from residents of Makurdi regarding the auditions.
“Auditions started with 142 contestants in all three audition rooms, each manned by a judge; as usual the expressions came in various forms but the green card always produces a smile signifying success. “Day two started with orientation and counseling, from one of our destiny child staff to some contestants, with motivational and inspiring moment before the audition. Auditions started with 20 new contestants who showed up for the first time.
Makurdi day 2 was so much fun as it paraded an array of characters and talents; one of such talents was a 13 year old girl with plenty gospel swag, so captivating that despite her age was given a pass to the semi finals. She really had it going.
Another very interesting feature was a husband that accompanied his wife into the audition studio, when asked by the judges for his reason; he said he did it for moral support as he has always supported her musical career. Day two came to a climax with 33 contestants making it to the semi final stage.
On day three, we watched as the excited semi finalists walked into the venue of the Makurdi zone auditions, some had big smiles on their faces  while some had the look of “God I pray to find my destiny here” all the same it was going to be a day full of surprises and expectations.

The judges came in to the studio looking dashing with the traditional Benue (black & white attire) incorporated into their dressing for the day; it was really cool to see.

This was a semi final competition with a difference as the judges took everyone by surprise, by reducing the number of contestants from 33 down to 22 then to 15, this has not been done before, it didn’t end there as the 15 were now divided into 3 groups of five each. The final showdown was fierce with each group being called in and each contestant would sing to the admiration of the judges and group mates.

The producer said, “The final decisions were made amidst so much suspense, increasing the level of emotions with two contestants chosen from one group and one each from the other two groups giving a total of four final contestants.
“Emotions ran high with screaming, tears and one of the four literarily passing out (collapsing) from anxiety and suspense, it was truly a sight to behold, all these excitement brought the Makurdi zone auditions of the show to an end but we couldn’t leave without the judges and host spending time to talk, inspire and contestants also took the opportunity to get musical instruments autographed by our judges.

the interesting audition will continue on air till week —- when the final 16 take turns as voting commences to vote out housemates until the final three that will cart home the coveted prizes. So just tune in to African Independent Television (AIT) every Sunday from 5pm. It is going to be a fun never seen before. That is the promise from the organizers


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