Artist – Deitrick Haddon Presents the Voices of Unity
Album – Blessed & Cursed
Label – : Tyscot Records
Street Date – 2010
Album Length – 12 Tracks, 54 minutes 04 seconds
Genre – Gospel/ Urban/ RnB
IPod Pick – Over Again
Wow! I absolutely love this album. It’s just so fab and Word packed. It’s much better than the last one from the voices of unity (the worship together project . . . . which was also very good). As usual we have variety of artists featuring on this album.
Michelle Williams (Formerly of Destiny Child) appears on ‘More like You’ a beautiful worship ballad. Rock Nation rock things up on the hip and funky ‘Anything is Possible’. The man himself Deitrick Haddon opens up the album with the urban ready ‘I’m Blessed’. You would sure be moving to the beats from the intro. Jessica Reedy and Lowell Pye are invited in on ‘Praise in the House’ to take it all gospel and Motown. ‘So what’ begins with rap that’s reminiscent of M.O.C’s and a chorus that would do for any rock song. Damita Haddon appears on the RnB- esque ‘Breath Away’ and alongside Sean Hardin on the worshipful and church ready ‘One touch’. I must say, it’s been a long time not since the days of Eagled eyed cherry and Seal have we heard a beautiful sound such as the one displayed on ‘Over Again’. It’s a fine mellow song that deals with second chances. I must emphasize this, nothing on this album sounds like this particular track in style of sound. You would love it in its entirety including the transparency of the lyrics.
If this is a soundtrack album, really I also can’t wait to see the movie these beautiful sounds where chopped from. That’s by the way. Blessed and Cursed soundtrack album is so good you don’t wanna miss. It’s packed, take that from me. Are you on your way to the store? You don’t want to miss this one. Sure you don’t.

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