Dear Lie,
How’s it going today? What do you have planned for me today?
My obesity, my, weakness, my sin, my shame or a cocktail of all?
What are you slaving away in your kitchen to serve of to me? Selflessnes Pancakes, Warm chessy disblief bagels, al dente pasta tossed in your blood red twisted truth spiked with your basil of deceit
I won’t deny or challenge your skills…
You take your time… Slowly caressing my ears whispering softly… I push away you come closer, I push again… You retreat and talk slowly from afar… Then I lean to you and try to reason with you
But in the innocence of reason… You ravage me…
You touch deep in my lust… Your lips caress my lobes, my face, my back my mind, my soul weakens
Everytime is like the first time… I take you in… I give you what you want
I do all I said I won’t do…
Oh damn it feels good… You hold and handle me passionately, every nerve races with pleasure, my sensuality fed, alive and intoxicating….esctasy we climax at your daylight
But like limes gone sour… I taste the vinegar in your promise of springwater
I taste the gravel in your. Promise of fruit. I feel the bruise of what was initially your touch but now your punch of fatality
My tears tire to flow, my soul tires to give suckle to shame and near flesh eating guilt
My surrender to you has also given up…
I’m too drained by you
My thougts are your space of pollution,
They have become you earnest and sole devotion, your endless passion
Though I beg with endless supplication you rest and stay fort with all inadigation
In all my depression and darkness I know the truth and that’s what hurts the most
Whether its my ego to confess I fail or that you lie have convinced me that the truth isn’t even true
I laugh at my postulations and your pointers you give
You make me  reason this truth time after time


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