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CTZN CREATIVE launches record label CTZN MUSIC (@CTZNCollective @KareemManuel @Decipha )

by Ifemidayo OdekunleJanuary 27, 2015

CTZN CREATIVE, the Creative arts agency that brought you Swoope’s Same Team Remix video, JSON’s promo videos, and more have officially launched a record label CTZN MUSIC. The label is the home for Kareem who serves as CEO to both CTZN Creative and its new music branch CTZN MUSIC (citizen). The label is run by Mike Yorke, a soon to be Moody graduate. Doc Watson of Reflection Music Group has been on as a consultant.

The label’s roster features Kareem and TJ “Decipha” Morrissette, who had previously formed the group CTZN Collective, as well as new signee Dwayne Reed (singer/rapper), who CTZN Collective featured on its 2014 singles “Funeral” and “Hand of God.”

CTZN MUSIC is more than just a label. It is a home for faith-inspired innovation and creativity. Motivated by the knowledge that this life is fleeting and God’s city is eternal, we are committed to fostering the next generation of talent who shares the belief that Jesus Christ is Lord. We are CTZNs of God, living for eternity while serving and creating as part of our worship here on earth. We seek to create and inspire a community of believers to use their gifts for something greater than themselves and live for what is beyond the present moment. We are musicians, creaters, healers, community builders, and bearers of hope.

We have built our platform to help the fans directly support and engage with the ministry, as well as have the artist able to support and help the supporters with the things God has called them to do.

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