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Cross Carrying Evangelist is Featured in the ‘Guinness World Records 2015’ for the World’s Longest Ongoing Pilgrimage/Walk

by Yada MagazineNovember 10, 2014
/Christian Newswire/ — Arthur Blessitt who just turned 74 years old is still walking on sharing Jesus.  He has carried a 12-foot cross in every nation; 323 nations, major island groups and territories over 41,200 miles, 82 million steps with the cross and 18 billion pounds carried. Arrested 24 times for Christ, in 54 countries at war.  He made the cross in 1968 in Hollywood, California and left for the world in 1969.

“The Cross, the Arthur Blessitt Story” has been seen by millions. He has just released an epic 4 set DVD of over 7 hours of video. In this documentary Arthur and Denise share untold stories and never seen before photos. It answers questions: Where did you sleep? How were the crosses broken? How did you get to remote islands. In “The Cross Museum of Arthur and Denise Blessitt” Arthur says, “At the cross, the worst of man met the best of God and there is hope, love, peace and salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.”


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