If your style is simple (like mine) or you like simple things then you may not be a fan of Vivienne Westwood. You may know of the designer for her crazy runway shows and of course crazy outfits; which have not really captivated my interest until recently with her Spring/Summer 2012 collection. She is a British fashion designer (and businesswoman) who brings modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream.

It is definitely a Vivienne Westwood collection, as she lives up to her crazy style, but one thing that is noticeable in the collection is the contradiction of the patterns used in some outfits. Now basically, it is hard to pull off an outfit with different patterns in it, e.g. a polkadot shirt with striped trousers, but you can trust Vivienne to style making full use of the example and making it look more or less perfect.

The collection not only shows the use of various patterns in an outfit, but also brightens up the runway with colourful combinations of clothing items.  The loose-fit trousers are really cool and a breath of fresh air from all the slim fits that people have been wearing of late. Check out the carrot-fit and the slouch trousers too.










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