It is important that both males and females have accessories and not just clothes. These are things like wrist watches, bracelets, rings, earrings, studs, chains, etc. There is something about accessories that contribute quite largely to an overall look. It is possible to dress down, and your accessory(s) lifts up the look. So an advice is to also invest in your accessories’ wardrobe.

Due to observation, the rise of the use of colourful wrist watches (even with adults) has been spotted. This is a breath of fresh air, as the usual watches that people go for are either leather, gold, silver, etc. These watches have the ability to give those who wear it a youthful (yet mature), vibrant and fashionable look.

A good thing about them is that, they don’t have to exactly match what you wear. You can wear a purple shirt, and have a bright orange wrist watch. If you want to be adventurous, you can even rock one with a suit!

The availability of these watches vary widely. You can get the cheap ones from high street shops, fashion retail stores, etc, or you can opt for the expensive designer ones Diesel, LaCoste, etc, your choice.

Pictures Courtesy: Argos

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