During the usual browsing of the internet, I happened to come across a ‘banging’ pair of shades, which were created by the duo and brand name Coco and Breezy. The shades may not look like that of the usual kind, but in fashion, do you always settle with the usual? I think not. I happened to come across the shades when I found a photo of singer Ashanti, wearing a pair to a particular event. Since then, I have been acquiring more about them.

Coco and Breezy are twins who have had a desire for fashion from an early age, and they are still quite young. They started to make sun shades, and their shades soon became popular when celebrities started to rock them. Part of their success was the uniqueness of these shades, and the fact that they are unisex (both males and females can wear them). They are now branching into clothes and accessories. For more details, go on their website: www.cocoandbreezy.com

They come in different colours (mainly gold and silver), and they come in different unique styles that are sure to grab the attention of those around you. It is only right to rock these shades the right way. These are not any other pair of sun shades, you have to be confident and have that ‘swagger’ to pull it off. It is not hard to wear things like this, and look ‘out of place’ in a sense. Also, with extra money, you could also customize your shades and have a unique design of your own.

Check them out!

Image Source: Coco and Breezy, Fresco Daily

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