Christmas is here again! And with it the annual “Magic in the air”….joy, laughter and good will to all (…and yes, in the ideal world). Nevertheless, though time may have passed and many of us have grown old, there still is something undeniably magical about the season. It may be in the songs, the holiday, the excitement in a child’s eyes, or it just might be because we want it to be. This is about the only time of the year when we are allowed to be children again….and that is what Christmas Magic! is all about: Reviving the joys of the season, bringing out the Magic in you because you are the wand and you…are the magic.

To ignite the Magic, nothing like a gathering of like minds ready to remember what Christmas is all about. Loving, Giving, Sharing. So, come join the Christmas Magi on December 15 at the MUSON Centre as a cross-section of artistes unleash their magic and take us down the path of discovery. These include young, old and in-between… and next year, it really could be you. But…back to the present. December 15, we will have Olufunmi, Yinka Davies and Piper MacLeod take us down their path to discovery….heralded by The Magic Ensemble, supported by the Magi Contest. You don’t want to miss it. Green carpet at 5:30.

It’s all about Christmas; it’s all about Magic…the Magic in you!

Christmas Magic!!…be there.

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