Christian Hip Hop Artist SCOODA releases a free CD to the public. This CD is to just simply encourage people in the hard times that we all go through in life. Situations such as, losing a loved one, bills being through the roof, no car, gas prices high, no money for food, etc. SCOODA shares his feelings on how we go through rough times to make us stronger in life. There are a lot of times when we feel we need to throw in the towel but SCOODA reminds us to not give up.
In the song ‘Definition Of Understand’ (with vocals by his wife Nisie & fellow Christian Hip Hop Artist ‘MilleyBoy’) SCOODA lets us know that no matter what situations we go through, we must keep our heads up and know that there is someone who understands all that we go through and is willing to help us get through the rough times in our lives. Another uplifting song ‘Fortunate’ SCOODA shines light on how we may get picked on, talked about, and how we may even feel like we are not worth anything, but we are still ‘Fortunate’. We may not have all the things that we want, but we have what we need.
With other upbeat tracks such as the popular catchy songs ‘Soap Bars’ (featuring Robby Jerome & STLien), ‘Check Me Out’ & ‘New New’ SCOODA surely gives you something to smile and be proud about in your life! This free CD can be downloaded by going to his website of: Feel free to share this project & if you would like to bring SCOODA to your city, event, etc. please email:
For more information on SCOODA please go to:
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