When it comes to beads and accessories, you may be forgiven if you think they are for those with more fancy ideas about life.

However that’s a myth that fast-rising Fashion Designer Chikezie Daniels, better known by his sobriquet Kzie, has set about challenging.
With his line up of ethnic-inspired and lively accessories, Kzie goes about designing beads and ready to wear in a brand new way.

Last month, Kzie came across a video clip about a little boy and girl between age 6-8 years, who were experimenting with abusive sexual behavior. Kzie says he was moved to compassion by the incident, because it brought to bear in a stark way the rapid decline of moral values among children.

The same moral values that helped Kzie rise through personal challenges, get a good education and become the role model that he is today.
Truth is, many families are stretched thin trying to make a living so they have little time to monitor their children, and government simply can’t do enough. So, he says he decided to do something about it.
Together with a few good friends of his, he decided to dedicate some of the proceeds from the purchases of his designs to helping these children acquire a sound moral education.

For every item you buy, 5% of the profit goes towards helping these children through counseling programs, mentoring and religious education.(Children’s bible with all the main stories of the old and new testaments attractively presented).

“Being beautiful is not always about what you wear on the outside. Even though that is important, it is also critical for people to be well grounded morally on the inside too. And no one needs this sense of moral guidance more than our Rising stars. I would never have been where I am today if someone didn’t give me a guiding hand when I was young, keeping me on the right track towards a succesful career”.

So, #getbeadup. It’s for a good cause

Written by Dr Ayo Adene for Chikezie Daniel.

For sponsorship details You can reach kzie through email at kziebuttons@gmail.com or Telephone -+234 8023608016.




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  1. Hello mr Kezie #Getbeadup#I love d Green earth P S I love u nd d new red in fact I love dem all but I dnt know how to get dem well done dey r all lovely

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