Artist- Charmaine

Album- Love Reality

Label-  In:clite/ Word distribution

Street date- March 30, 2010.

Album length- 10 Tracks. 39.9 minutes.

Genre- Pop

IPod pick- Revolutionary Thought

After eight years, Charmaine is back with a new sound. Nothing like the one she had before. It’s kind of pop that’s hard to place under pop. The truth is; it’s criminal to compare Charmaine’s sound with anyone out there. I would have chosen Regina Spektor but it’s a ‘No’. I would have chosen Lady Gaga but it’s still a ‘No’. Kylie Minogue would have been a great option but there’s something more that makes Charmaine’s sound unique (don’t even try comparing her sound with anyone in the Christian market).

The beauty of ‘Love Reality’  is that you don’t know what’s going to happen next. You don’t know what type of beat or tune you’re getting on the next track. It’s a music adventure. The lyrics are so insightful and show Charmaine’s God view about life. On ‘Tell me’ she deals with being open with God and not hiding anything knowing God can be everything we need. On happy tune ‘Tokyo’ she sings of her travel adventures around the world. ‘Revolutionary thought’ would soon be a favorite after a first listen. On ‘Not fair’ she sings about how undeserving we are of God’s love. The lyrics on this album are great and reflective. But it’s the music style that makes this album stand out.

Pop albums are known to have good beats that make the lyrics fade out of memory fast but Charmaine’s Love Reality does it better. With a musical styling that would keep the lyrics in your head even long after the music stops, Charmaine has come to stay this time and I see her grabbing a GMA or in fact a Grammy this year. Welcome to a music reality that would blow you into love. It’s Charmaine’s Love Reality. Yay!

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