charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.To date, this organization has helped nearly 2 million people get access to clean, safe water. For their5th anniversary, they are launching something different–investing in the equipment needed to accelerate their impact.

The goal for the 2011 September Campaign is to fund a brand new drilling rig and other necessary equipment . Our partners in northern Ethiopia have already assembled their drilling team. More information on the equipment is available here


It all started with a birthday. Five years ago, charity: water founder, Scott Harrison decided to ‘give up’ his birthday for clean water. Since then thousands of people have asked their friends, families and fans for donations to charity: water instead of another T-shirt or iPad. From one to 91-year-olds, campaigners have gathered around the mission to help bring clean, safe water to the billion people currently without it. In 2 years, the birthday idea has grown to raise over $10 million, a few dollars at a time.


Along the way, they have attracted some pretty amazing support – from Jack Dorsey, Sean Parker and Dennis Crowley to the nine-year-old girl, Rachel Beckwith, who tragically died in a car accident last month and inspired thousands to donate over $1 million in honor of her selfless desire to think of others before herself. Please read her story in the New York Times here:


Always pushing boundaries of what’s next for online philanthropy, they have recently launched a new feature called Dollars To Projects ( Through this breakthrough system, the will tie every dollar donated on our fundraising platform with a specific water project—sharing photos, GPS coordinates and community information with every donor…Even if they only gave $1.

This September campaign is very different from the previous ones. Visit the website it see how you can be a part of the project. The new drilling rig can dig 80 new wells a year — that’s 40,000 more people getting access clean water each year!

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