Don Ward, a Christian music artist, on the Favor of God Property Records label, believes he was God inspired to bring more awareness to the ever increasing crisis of bullying. Judging from the number of fans that “Liked” his Facebook Fan Page — over six thousand in less than 48 hours — this is a hot topic that not even Mr. Ward envisioned would explode like this.

“My desire was to simply do my small part of bringing awareness to the crisis of bullying, especially among our young people in schools, by using my God-given musical gifts to enlighten my audience. I never imagined that it would blow up on our Facebook Fan Page with thousands of fans worldwide in a few hours”, Don Ward said recently.

Mr. Ward was also motivated to help in the bullying awareness campaign by some startlingly statistics he recently became aware of. Such as:

  • 77% of School bullying happens by way of mental or verbal abuse.
  • About 80% of all high school students have encountered some form of cyber bullying on line
  • Cyber Bullying has become one of the most prevalent ways of bullying among teens

“I had to do something. I still have lots of friends, family members, and fans who are affected directly or indirectly by this bullying crisis”, said Mr. Ward.

One of the things Mr. Ward is doing is using his music videos and inserting messages into them about bullying to create awareness. “It is not too often that a music artist will sacrifice the artistic side of a music video, by inserting public campaigns messages right in the middle of the video” said Pastor David Wright, CEO of, the largest internet Christian TV Network in the world, who will be airing Don Ward’s “All About You” world premier video Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8:00 pm on DoersTV Live.

“I believe with the wave of social media opportunities such as Facebook and innovative TV networks and records labels like DoersTV and Favor of God Property Records, all artists, especially Christian artists, can and should bring awareness to this crisis of bullying. After all, we are talking about our children”, said Mr. Ward.

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