Artist- Britt Nicole

Album- Acoustic EP

Label- Sparrow Records

Street date- August 24, 2010

Album length- 6 tracks: 21 minutes, 52 seconds

Genre- Acoustic/Pop

IPod pick- Hanging On

I’m speechless. That’s what Miss Nicole has done to me with her latest release. I never knew she could sing this good. Oh what pop music and autotunes could do to an amazing talent. That one thing about most popstars. Their raw talents are far hidden behind, thanks to the effects. On this acoustic EP, Britt strips away all the effects. And what we have is popstar turned a powerhouse vocalist.

You would barely recognize the remakes from her last ‘Lost get found’ album. ‘Hanging on’  sounds so different and is worth a fresh listening and attention if even you’ve heard it before. ‘Set the world on fire’ from her debut ‘Say it’ is just the ‘ish’. Her adlibs would get you singing along. ‘HeadPhones’ sounds so different, with jazz bangings similar to the popular Sara Barielles’ ‘Love Song’. On ‘Walk on Water’ Britt Nicole displays vocals that gets me wondering why hasn’t this young lady grabbed one of those GMAs for Best Female Vocalist from Veteran artist Natalie Grant ( who’s won it  four times before handing it over to Francesca Battistelli this year!). ‘Lost get found’ sounds good too on this but I must confess apart from the vocals, I prefer the one on the last album. The album closers with something totally new from Britt which is a beautiful worship song titled ‘Found by You’.

Britt Nicole’s Acoustic EP shows the beautiful style her music has matured into. You would love it and even if you weren’t a fan before, you find yourself loving this new music package from Miss Nicole.

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