Just as air is extremely vital to living, your words are what keep your spirit going. One very subtle way of murdering someone is simply by denying that person the vital thing to make him live. This could be done by suffocation. During this time, the person gasps for air to no avail, and the person suddenly stops struggling till he dies.


So it is with our spirit. Funny enough, our spirit doesn’t follow the rule of life by using air to live. Our words have a great impact on our spirit. Our words are our spiritual air. The Message translation renders Proverbs 18:21 as this: ‘Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.’ Watch what you say. This is one primary reason we are told to watch our songs. I reserve no apologies to anyone who didn’t intend to see this as an ‘excessively spiritual thing’, but I will always speak the truth: watch the songs you sing! They are a basic tool in the Devil’s kingdom to keep you dead most of the days of your life. His plans for you are to keep you miserable always. His plans for you are to make you to never bear fruit for your Heavenly Father. Don’t sing those songs casually. Watch them. A lot of people don’t know the spiritual truth that the moment they give their lives to Christ, they CANNOT die! They only change location to a higher glory. The nails on the cross, or the scourging, or the piercing, or the thorns did not kill Jesus. Jesus died because He had accomplished His purpose on earth; He had fulfilled scriptures, and then according to John 19:30, ‘Then he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.’ He gave it up.


Learn to speak life and positivity all the days that you live. They are what rule you. Now this is what I mean by ‘breathing through your words.’ This involves talking like your words are the air you need to breathe. Let your words be the nostrils you use to breathe. Get to build yourself up daily. I know it can be a frustrating deal to try to speak ‘life’ in Nigeria, especially in Lagos where many people behave the animals they were not created to be. Try. Just try. Thank the Holy Spirit for giving you the power to do that extraordinary thing. He had already given you that grace when you gave your life to Jesus. If you’ve not given your life to Jesus yet, then do so immediately. Lagos is a good testing ground for all that I have said. Just like someone retorted once while driving, “anyone who drives in Lagos and has not abused and cursed one day of his life, is a liar, and as such should go to hell!” Imagine my roaring laughter! It was true! But it is a virtue you need to imbibe! It is always easier to do the wrong things than the right things; check it. Just go down memory lane and confirm. We’ve got to be conscious in doing the right thing. Only the Holy Spirit can help you. If you can pass the ‘test’ in Lagos, then you can be sure to be a good christian anywhere! Be conscious of what you say and never let anyone’s misdeeds affect your ‘breathing.’ You own the nostril, so simply wade off the person’s hands that want to suffocate you. Always bless. It isn’t the realistic thing to do, BUT IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO, SO DO IT! Notable men of God who only need to speak for the dead to come to life didn’t get special anointing from anywhere; don’t let anyone deceive you on that. It involves years of training; training one’s self on always thinking and speaking positivity to every situation around. If your clock stops working, start from there: speak life words to it. Your engine appears to have knocked down? Speak to it and believe your words! Learn the Word of God and learn to back up your words with relevant scriptures that carry weight to salvage that situation and you’ll see yourself speaking for the skies to fall at your feet.


Remember that you are a god planted on this earth to establish things to come to pass via the words you say; since you don’t possess any physical manufacturing power, the only way for you to bring something to fulfilment is for you to speak something to pass.


This article was written by Emmanuel Adejuwonlo Tugbiyele

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