“I’m sorry but I just can’t do this anymore” were Ope’s last words as he made his way towards the exit of the class.

Ope and Ibi had been dating for almost 3 years and then he was suddenly calling it quits with her. Ibi had not seen it coming at all and so she was sure she was going to break down. Within those 3 years, he had been almost her only friend as every other person she had avoided getting friendly with because of him. She had gotten so used to doing everything with him. They were in the same level in school even though different courses and so they saw each other every day or at least every other day. Now she was really going to miss him. It began to dawn on her that there would be no one waiting for her after a lecture or even service and no one for her to wait for either. She would have to walk alone most of the times. Though she had a few female friends, she had been drawn away from them for quite a while now. She was no longer used to sitting with them let alone walking with them to anywhere. This break up was going to be her downfall in this school.

“Isn’t there anything I can do to make it work? Ehn please I still love you and I am sure you still do me too. We could try to do this. Please I’m not ready to let you go.” Ibi had gathered the last strength in her to say these words without breaking out in tears but she was not strong enough and she could not stop herself from crying. As she cried, she was shocked that Ope did not turn back but continued to walk out of the class they had met. He had paused when she said she still loved him but rather to say that he did not love her anymore and wasn’t sure of what he felt for her now. “I’m sorry I don’t think what I feel for you right now is love anymore and I don’t know what it is. I cannot do this anymore. I have tried to keep up for the past 3 months hoping things will change but it just does not seem possible again. I think we’d be better off as friends.”

After what seemed like a death sentence to Ibi, Ope finally stormed out of the class and in a matter of seconds, Ibi was out with all the tears.

Almost 4 weeks later and no one had seen or even heard from Ibi, her room was always locked, she walked into classes late and left almost before every lecturer. When her few female friends Lade and Dami tried to stop her on the road, she always had one reason or the other for not being able to talk. They had noticed she was avoiding them and they had not seen Ope and her together for quite a while but did not think it was okay to ask Ope what was going on. They finally decided they would stop by her room one day and wait for her to come in even if she was not yet in. their plan worked and she came in and allowed them into the room but they were too shocked at the sight and now they assumed there was a clue to what was wrong with her. All pictures of Ope that decorated her wall before were scattered around the floor and her clothes were everywhere. They searched for where to sit and then searched her face for the next question and oh yes they were right on time; she looked away and mumbled the words “so what’s up? Why are you girls here?” Lade who had always been the more outspoken one decided to go first. “Ibi, it’s no news that something is eating you up and we’re here to find out what that is and how we can help so do answer the question yourself.”

“Yeah Ibi what’s up with you and Ope, Lade and I are worried and take a look at your room, it’s obvious something is wrong so don’t even try nothing for an answer.”

“Well all I can say is that I’m fine and I hope Ope is fine too. That’s all, as for my room I was searching for something that’s why it’s scattered.”

“Common Ibi, we’re your friends this is not you searching for anything. Something is wrong and you know you can talk to us.” Lade quickly chipped in with a disapproving look. She did not expect Ibi to still lie to them after how long they had known each other.

“Alright fine Ope broke up with me. He said he stopped loving me 3 months ago. I don’t know…..” she began to cry again and her friends rushed to her side to calm her down. This was the fifth time she was talking about this to anyone and yet she still cried. She wondered why she had not accepted the turn of things. Every time she thought about Ope, she cried or every time she heard his name or even saw his gifts, she still broke down. Then it dawned on her, she had been so attached to him that she did not realize how she would be without him. She could not even go to read most times without thinking about him and so she decided to stay in her room.

When you are in a relationship, please try and make sure you still have a life outside of your relationship but able to be inculcated into your relationship. Do not let your Ope take over every part of you causing you to forget other people even God. Never stop loving God because you will need to come back to him after Ope has broken up with you. However, you know that break up might be the best thing you need at that point in your life. So why break down when you have just been set free. Look on the bright side when your break up comes, you can hang out with friends more. You can be toasted by so many guys and get crushed on by so many girls.

You can buy some things for just yourself now unlike in the past when you had to spend for two. You can save up your usual Valentine’s Day money and use it for something else.

Trust me, a gathering of single’s can be very much fun note; not when you are old enough to be married already o!

That is one number less of compulsory birthday cards, gifts, appointments and even visits.

By Jane Ibala

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