ARTIST- Brandon Heath
ALBUM- Leaving Eden
ALBUM LENGHT- 11 Tracks, 43 Minutes 43 Seconds
STREET DATE – January 18, 2011
LABEL- Reunion Records
iPod Pick- It’s No Good To Be Alone

I remember my first listen to Brandon’s Leaving Eden After loading it up on my iPod, I couldn’t just stop smiling, almost laughing and saying to my self ‘ true . . . So true’ as I listened to the title track (Leaving Eden). The thing is the lyrics are just so real and you are like ‘I know what he’s talking about’. And it’s like that through out these fun songs that focus on everyday faith with stories that would put a smile across your face.
On ‘Leaving Eden’ Brandon’s music doesn’t just mature lyrically only but also in sound. The Enrinque Iglesias-esque ‘Your Love’ is simply beautiful. ‘ I tried to satisfy the hunger but I never got it right. . . . . Though my innocence was taken not everything is lost’ Brandon screams passionately in the verses of his song. ‘The Light In Me’ sounds a bit something from Keane mixed with Justin Timberlake. The album slows down on ‘ Only Water’ reminiscent of something from Bradon’s former offering ‘What if We’. ‘Now More Than Ever’ starts with clap beats reminiscent of Timbaland’s Apologize with One Republic. ‘Stolen’ also leans towards that direction musically. It lyrics centers on how God chases after us in love. The intro of ‘it’s no good to be alone’ a beautiful fun song is reminiscent of the intro of Jaci Velasquez ‘Your Friend’. It’s catchy and you would soon be moving to it’s beat.

I have reviewed this album on it’s sound majorly because that’s one of it’s major strengths. I don’t mean to say the lyrics aren’t deep infect they are in it’s own way, centering on themes like standing up to be the change ( The One) , Heaven (As Long As I’m Here) , Restoration of peace on Earth ( Leaving Eden) , Living for Christ in a crazy world (Light In Me). But still, its sound is fresh and has a way of letting the lyrics sink deeper than it could have gone ( like on ‘ The One’). The album closes with a soft reflective ballad titled ‘As Long As I’m Here’.

Brandon Heath’s new album has got so much inspiration, essence and handwork written all over it and it’s worth the listen. If you love the sound of Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Robin Thicke but want something deeper that would hang around the places of the heart long after the music stops, ‘Leaving Eden’ is your next stop on the music shelf.

“. . You could be one in a sea of faces or you could be one more chance of hope. . .”
– From the song ‘The One’

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