Welcome back! From the previous note, a lot was said to emphasize the importance of ‘THE SOUL/MIND’ in a believer. If you haven’t read it yet, please do before going ahead.

I stopped the last note on renewing the mind and the mind as a pipeline; this process is carried out by the Holy Spirit as we read the word of God and meditate on it.

Let me take you on a little journey…….

Every human is born a sinner into the world due to the sin of one man; no matter how good or moral the person is or if the person is surrounded by believers or raised in a believing home, until a person confesses the Lordship of Jesus, he/she only receives with the body to the mind hence is being fed only ‘content’ supplied through the body.

No matter the perceived correctness, moral goodness of the ‘content’, the body can only assimilate based on the tenets of the world. This can go on for different lengths or periods based on how long it takes for a person to accept Christ but before the person does, the mind gets used to assimilating from the body only and hence the world only.

When a person becomes a believer, their Spirit is made whole and the blockage is removed but like every pipeline, there are valves and pumps to stimulate flow. If a person does not take on the responsibility of allowing the Holy Spirit renew his/her mind, then He/she does not open the valve to allow flow from the spirit to the mind. So a person can be saved yet still have an un-renewed mind.

Remember Ephesians 4: 23-24 says, ‘Let the Spirit’ and ‘Put on’, all to let you know that it is a personal responsibility not one anyone can do for you! So you have to allow him! I can only tell you, but you have to do it yourself!

So, why do I review movies?!…….

As a young man that wasn’t saved, I got into the habit of watching a lot of movies, TV shows, and listening to a lot of music, and where most people had a particular taste or genre they enjoy, I enjoyed it all! Watching movies across categories and listening to music across genres.

Then I became a believer with a whole spirit and an un-renewed mind so much remained the same. Look at the analogy below:

‘A morally upright unbeliever based on the world system receives the word and becomes a believer. Due to his mindset of doing good, he believes it is by doing good or by actions and deeds that any good thing comes until he comes across Rom 3: 21-31 that lets us know that we are justified not by works but by faith.’

This is just an example of the process I’m trying to discuss.

Anyway back to me, the Lord led me to a point of exposure to words that made me understand this process and take on this responsibility and once the renewing of my mind began, the eyes of my understanding were opened and I started noticing things:

‘A lot of people carve their identity from what they perceive with their minds and accept with their hearts.’

How does the mind perceive in the unbeliever? With the sense organs!

What he sees, hears, feels, smells and tastes alone.

With an irresponsible believer, he now has a whole spirit but hasn’t opened the valve to receive the renewal by the spirit.

But once the responsibility is taken and the process begins and is maintained, the mind perceives from the spirit also and whatever comes from the bodily senses can be cleansed and made pure to allow a believer carve their identity directly from God.

Majority of people are still in the first two categories though, and consciously and unconsciously are daily carving their identity from what they are watching.

Movies are very powerful tools. One may not realise but a lot of people get their perceptions, attitudes, thought patterns, tastes and likes from audio, visuals, text and entertainment as a whole. Sometimes it’s subtle, other times not so much but people are constantly fed from the world especially movies?!

Should we as believers have the same experiences and not be different? Should we not live a better life than when we were unbelievers? Do we not realise that as believers we are out to bless the world?!

So I decided, let me let folks in on the insights I receive from the Holy Spirit when I watch the same thing they watch. Let me expose them to things they do not see due to my main man the Holy Spirit and pray that as they read, one two, one million, 7 billion people will be led to Christ and the renewal of their minds.

I definitely could not keep this to myself so I share my reviews with the world.

It’s a process so it will definitely be shaped better the more I write! Do read the reviews and be blessed!

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  1. Hmm, a fantastic perspective of the triune man, and an interesting reason for previewing movies. But what about the creation of movie content that is directly preaching the gospel, as opposed to reviewing movies and bringing out a gospel from them? God bless you still, and more impact in your ministry!

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