A lot of times, I get the feeling that a lot of believers have not yet got to the root of the ‘why’ of the redemption process, even I didn’t get it at first. With the saturation of ‘religiousity’ in Nigeria it can seem really difficult to get the message across too, but I tell you it will get across!!

Why the profound statement, you may ask? And I reply, ‘God causes me to triumph in all that I do!!’

Let me give you a brief insight to the why as the Spirit directs: The beautiful thing about the creation story is that God created us to be just like Him. God is a spirit, and created man as a spirit, and then He created a body and breathed man the spirit into the body to reside on earth.

Then comes the devil, deceiving Eve and dangling ‘happiness’ in front of her; if you eat this, you will be like God, your eyes will be open, you will know good and evil. (I like imagining the word & not just looking at things like fables) so I want you to go with me, Eve must have forgotten for a moment that Adam was made just like God, and she was made from man, hence she was already like God so she grabs at this and then extends it to Adam so she can share the ‘happiness’ with her boo.

(If you’re observant you may ask, Eve had eaten the fruit, she had already gone against the wish of God, why is the sin of the world not attributed to her but to Adam? That could be a topic for another day)

Adam, not being deceived as Eve was by the devil, knowingly took this fruit from Eve and ate it; he in his right mind gave up authority to the devil, severing his spiritual connection with God.

Then came Jesus! He died for our sins and cleansed the world; I repeat He cleansed the whole world, everyone! But just as Adam willingly gave up his authority to the devil, we have to willingly with our words take on the Lordship of Christ (see Romans 10:9). Believing in the heart and confessing with the mouth the ‘Lordship of Christ’ over your life reconnects one back to the direct spiritual connection we had with God! And thank for the Holy Spirit who dwells in the believer.

(Note: I didn’t say confess your sins, I said confess the Lordship of Christ)

Now as a believer, as one who is connected back to God, the question may be what’s next? Do I get saved and then keep living a secular life? Do I get saved and nothing changes in me? How does this change me?!

Here goes: Once a person declares the Lordship of Christ, his Spirit is made whole, he becomes one with God! So how does he get this to manifest in his life? Through his mind?!!

Man is a Spirit, has a soul (I’m going to be using mind to represent soul a lot) and lives in a body. Before one accepts the Lordship of Christ, this how it was:



Hence the mind was being fed by the body through our sense organs and due to the blockage in the pipeline, there was filth everywhere!

Now as a believer, the blockage has been opened, do you want to remain in filth while accumulating more or do you want to take on the responsibility of allowing the Holy Spirit renew the pipeline (the soul/mind) with the word of God as the cleansing agent so that the nature of God can flow into manifestation?! Ephesians 4:23-24.



This is where a lot of believers need to step up:

v  You have taken the step of faith and confessed the Lordship of Christ (if you haven’t, please contact me and I’ll help you get there).

v  You have received a whole spirit.

v  Why don’t you let the renewal begin and continue?

Explaining further, the body receives from the world, that’s the only way it can; now that the blockage has been opened, the Spirit let’s flow directly from God and this also cleanses whatever your body may bring in so that what you release is pure.

Note: It is a pipeline so there is always a flow hence the renewal process is not once, it’s always on.

To be continued…….

Written by The Movie Pencil. He currently blogs at http://moviepencil.wordpress.com/


  1. That awesome feeling you have when you find out someone is righteous, that’s how I feel now, the Sons of God are manifesting, everything is falling in place beautifully, God bless for spreading Truth.

  2. good read… not d usual “repent or die” write-ups, those ones drain life from the ‘soul’. your write-up, there’s meaning to it… someone reading will like to know where u’re headed with it rather than know.. cos most peeps that preach nowadays leave d “u’re a sinner” impression on those being preached to instead of “Christ has saved u” impression

  3. I am not sure why i held my breath while reading this; maybe because of the way you exposed what we all think we know but we dont! #It is a pipeline, hence the renewal process is not once!# Nice.

  4. Wow, just wow! I’m going to share this with more people, I can’t wait to see where this goes. The Truth in the words is just so liberating to the soul (mind)

  5. I’m a pure n Holy being just like my FATHER n my mind’s renewed daily purging me continuously!!! #Awesome#

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