Are u one of those dreamers who want to take over the world?
U have this big dream and u wanna launch out in a couple of years and hit it big  from the onset?
I would not like to call u a joker because the rate at which some persons shoot out into limelight make things look like accomplishment and hitting the spotlight is nothing but a joke.
I would implore u to journey with me as I share some deep thoughts.

Over and over again I get the reassurance that we know theories soooo much that we get lost when we try to apply the theoretical knowledge.

And one of the things I love to do when I get the platform to interact with, inspire or motivate people is to demystify success. I’ve realised that this success thing is still a big deal to many.

May I again bore u with my theorem that says “success is cheap”
I know successful people, and by the grace of God I am a success and I can tell u that these successful folks are not doing anything out of the ordinary.
U can do the same things uve always done to become a mega-success only that u wont do those things the way uve always done them.

How do you follow your dreams?

1. Don’t climb the mountain from the top, start from the bottom
There’s a saying that  “the morning shows the day just as the child shows the man”
The investment u make on this level is what determines what u will enjoy on the next level.
If u have not borrowed #50,000 for business while maintaining a clean balance sheet, u can never find #5,000,000. People to loan out large sums of money to new-comers; they can’t trust u that much.
Find things that u can do today and everyday that will speak for u tomorrow when u finally get to ur place of calling.
I write everyday, so when my books become bestsellers u wouldnt really be surprised I got there, rather u would be surprised if my books don’t become bestsellers.

2. Do your research
Quote me anyday anytime and I will prove it to u that Ctrl+C n Ctrl+V works in the real world.
In this information age, I am pleased to let u know that there’s nothing u want to do that no one has done before…nothing! U might just tweak it a lil to add a sense of originality to it. There’s nothing new!!

Before u start dreaming of becoming a TV presenter u must have researched intensely on the top all time TV preseneters! When u feed on their biographies/autobiographies u:
(a) will realise that success is plain and straightforward
(b) will realise that there’s nothing particularly fantastic about the steps they took
(c) will discover their first steps and from that u will find a direction for urself

My mentor will say “knowledge is the new world currency”
And the implication of this statement is that the more knowledge u have the more financial power u have, so with abundance of knowledge u can afford to possess anything.

3. Money is not your problem
Motivational speakers keep saying this, we keep reading it in books but we still dont get it! Money is not your problem!
Money can never be..there is a lot of free money flying around on a daily basis, people are tired of investing in stocks markets, they are looking for dynamic, visionary and passionate youths to invest in. Cheques are being signed off daily as investments into individual ideas or corporate ideas.

Like I have said in the previous point, people just want to see your past balance sheets

Now, because persons don’t understand that money is not a problem they subject themself to a job/career that is off course with the intention of raising enough funds within the 5/10/15yrs they will be in employment..break off and the go on to fund their ideas!
This is not right! If ure working for the experience fine, but don’t work because u need time to raise funds that u will use to fund ur is sheer waste of time, that money is available now! As in right now!! Go and grab it with ur compelling idea

4. Ideas rule the world
People will not invest in an idea they don’t believe in..that is why there are ideas and there are ideas; there are ideas that make u lifeless and there are ideas that give u dominion.
Ideas rule the world and make life miserable for those who don’t nurture it.
The best thing that can happen to you is to watch people pay for ur rocks!
That is why entrepreneurs are blessed! The first day I sold pre-launch copies of my book, a father paid #10,000 for my book that I had initially tagged #500..why because ideas rule the world
See all of those on Forbes list today, men that have nurtured their ideas and have grown it into global solutions, why wont they command wealth of nations?
Entrepreneurship is fun and I can be sure that was part of God’s intent as he was said “be fruitful and multiply”

5. Have a working relationship with God
If u have christ u have all things
Salvation is free, but it is not cheap. Christ paid the price, but abiding in Christ doesnt come cheaply it calls for sacrifice

6. Have a relationship with men
Wrong company can transform u from hero to zero. I think I have over-stressed the essence of networking in my previous posts

7. Confess your dreams daily
This article was written by Tolulope Akanni.

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